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Adrien's POV

Adrien woke up well before Nathaniel did. He was still snuggled up against the younger boy. His green eyes roamed the room, but he stayed and enjoyed Nathaniel's warmth for a minute. Eventually, he thought sadly, he would have to get up. 

He raised himself out of the bed and got dressed. Listening to the the redhead's gentle breathing made things easier for him. It would be extremely hard for Nathaniel, however. With the death of his parents, even if it was a bit ago. He renamed the stages of grief in his head.

Shock - Definitely passed that

Denial - Probably still in that stage.

So that leaves Anger, Depression, Testing and, finally, Acceptance. 

Adrien sighed and walked out of the room, still brushing his golden hair. When he passed Natalie in the hall, he asked her to bring breakfast to Nathaniel. She nodded silently, walking towards the kitchen.

Adrien hugged himself. He was shivering, despite the heat in the house. Suddenly, he wished he hadn't left Nathaniel. Shaking his head, he began packing his stuff for school. Thinking better of it, he decided that he and Nathaniel shouldn't go to school today. It would be much too hard for him.

He arrived in the living room and sat on the couch, burying his face in his hands. It must be impossible for Nathaniel. Terrible for him.

Adrien heard footsteps coming down the hall, towards him. He wiped a tear from his cheek and looked up. In front of him stood Nathaniel, eyes wet, holding a breakfast tray. He put the untouched food on the coffee table and sat on the other side of the couch. His hair was still a mess. Adrien longed to reach out and comfort him, but right now, it was probably better to leave him to his thoughts.


Adrien sat on one side on Nathaniel, Alya on the other. Nino was watching sadly as the other two comforted Nathaniel. Marinette was strangely missing. 

Nathaniel was crying into Adrien's shoulder. Alya and Adrien had shed a few tears themselves; Nino wasn't crying. Headphones around Nino's neck, he shook his head and left the house; probably going to school.

Alya had decided to miss school to comfort Nathaniel too, but after a few hours of sitting in silence, she had to leave. Nathaniel spoke for the first time in a while,

"Am I going to go to the system?" he croaked

"What?" asked Adrien

"The adoption system." said Nathaniel, looking down.

Adrien's eyes widened. "No way! I refuse to let you go!"

"Yeah, well..." mumbled Nathaniel. "The government thinks otherwise."

As if on cue, Natalie walked into the room, carrying the mails. Tons of fan mail, ads, and modeling jobs were included in the pile. Natalie pulled an envelope out from the middle of the stack. Adrien's heart fell when he saw the unmistakable sign of the French government. Natalie set down the rest of the pile and opened the government envelope.


Adrien waved goodbye to Nathaniel at the airport. He was being taken away to England. The adoption center felt he would fit in better there.

They were at the waiting room. The train was boarding; airport security had made an exception and allowed them to go that far. Adrien's father waited impatiently behind him as he pulled in Nathaniel for a hug. He was the last to board, and he had a first class ticket. Adrien pulled away and watched Nathaniel step onto the plane.

"Wait!" he shouted, without even thinking about it. He jumped onto the plane that was going to England with Nathaniel just before the doors closed. He knew it was illegal, and he didn't have a ticket. But he didn't want to see Nathaniel go without him.

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