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Adrien's POV:

Adrien stepped in front of Nathaniel, blocking his path. "No, Nathaniel." he articulated. "I'll let you leave the plane when you let me apologize to you."

Nathaniel crossed his arms. "Let me out now. The British government is waiting for me."

Adrien shook his head. "Just say you forgive me! I didn't mean it!"

"Adrien, get out of my way!" said Nathaniel, voice raising.

"No! Just forgive me!" yelled Adrien.

"Why is it so important to you that I forgive you anyways?!?!" shouted Nathaniel. "Why can't you just forget me and leave?!"

"BECAUSE I LIKE YOU, OKAY?!" retorted Adrien, eyes threatening to spill tears.

Nathaniel faltered. "W-what?" he whispered

"I really like you, Stripes. I have since you presented on the first day of school." Adrien whispered, looking at the ground.

"Adrien... I need to leave. I'm never going to see you again. Why don't you just date Marinette, okay?" Nathaniel pushed passed Adrien and walked to the other side of the plane. He exited. Adrien stared at Nathaniel's back as he left.

-One Month Later-

"You have got to be kidding me..." muttered Nathaniel as the people who were going to adopt him entered the room. Out of all people who could have adopted him, why did it have to be this family? This would just bring attention to him from the four corners of the world. Because, indeed, Queen Chelsea the Eight of England adopting a new child would most certainly not remain a silent matter.

-Later that week-

Adrien gaped at the magazine. On it was a picture of his Nathaniel, and the headlines were,

French Child adopted by our Queen, Chelsea the Eighth.

Over the past few weeks, our queen's personal doctors have reached an unnerving conclusion. Queen Chelsea the Eighth and Prince Consort Justin the Third have both been determined sterile. This means that the royal couple will not be able to produce any children to be an heir. However, government laws have been flexed to the point of allowing an adopted child to be the present heir. Nathaniel Kurtzberg, a French child whose parents have recently passed, has been selected to complete the line and will, eventually, take the place of our beloved Queen and become, himself, the King of our nation. Whether he is suited for the job, our country cannot tell yet.

Article continued on page 9.

Adrien greedily flipped to page 9. Skimming through it, he sighed. The whole thing was basically a repeat of the front page; it gave no new details. He shook his head and packed his bag for school.

-At School-

The whole school was buzzing with the news of Nathaniel to be the king. Whenever someone mentioned it to Adrien, he just shook his head and walked away without a word.

After school, Adrien met up with his boyfriend. Adrien had, of course, only lackluster feeling for the boy, but it was better than nothing. Adrien sighed, wishing it was Nathaniel he was with at the time, instead of this kid.

'This kid' was called Kaden. He had blue, spiked hair and golden earrings. He was always late to school and never brought his bag. He failed every class and his black leather jacket was sparkling with precious gemstones; the opposite of Nathaniel. In fact, Adrien was only dating him because he refused to date Marinette, but he knew that if he didn't have a special someone, Alya would pressure him into asking Marinette out.

Kaden pulled out his phone, completely ignoring Adrien's arrival. He started walking towards the park. Adrien stared after him.

Kaden turned around. "Well, are you coming, or not?" he growled to Adrien. "You need to buy me some ice cream. Oh, and I could do with a new school bag."

Adrien was tempted to tell him that he never brought his school bag, anyways, but he feared for his life. He shook his head and, frowning, followed Kaden.

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