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Nathaniel's POV:

Nathaniel hummed as he strolled down the hall of the royal palace. He had just gotten out of his math class, and his adoptive parents were waiting for him in the throne room.

A cloak flew out behind him, strapped to his neck. It was pure white; like snow and dove's wings. However, Nathaniel liked it for another reason. The red-head liked it because it reminded him greatly of Adrien's hair. It was the same color, and had the same effect as Adrien had; calming, loving, and peaceful.

It was still hard to believe; Nathaniel was a part of the royal family. He wore a crown and one day would become king. There was much controversy from the public to this, of course. 'He's not blood,' they called out. Or, 'He's French: we don't want a frog leg - eating king!'

These, however, Nathaniel could handle. They had said a few things, however, that bothered him extremely. Somehow, the press had found out about his relationship with Adrien. They were, Nathaniel pondered, the most homophobic people he had ever seen. Things like they were doing, protests and marches and rallies for the execution of Nathaniel, would never happen back home, in Paris. Nathaniel was worried, however. In fact, he believed the only reason the king and queen haven't sent him back to France yet is because they don't believe the rumors. The rumors had some truth to them, obviously. But they weren't completely true.

For example, there were some very exaggerated rumors about Nathaniel and Adrien. People believed that their relationship wasn't as innocent as it seemed; they thought it was much more... intimate.

He arrived at the grand, wooden doors of the throne room. The large doors, painted white, had knobs the size of Nathaniel's fist. He had to use both hands to pry the doors apart. Guards, standing on both sides of the doors, ignored him. The guards weren't the biggest fan of Nathaniel either.

Nathaniel stepped into the room. It was massive; the size of two football fields. Luckily, Nathaniel had taken a shortcut; he had opened the doors behind the thrones. If he had went to the other side, he would have had to walk the length of the football fields.

He crept around one marble pillar and walked in front of the thrones. Kneeling before one of them and bowing his head, it suddenly occurred to him that his parents really had no reason to see him at all today; why did they want him?

A deep voice laughed from above him. "Oh, stand up, Nathaniel. We're your parents, after all. You don't need to bow or kneel to us."

Nathaniel obliged, shaking. "You c-called for me?" he asked.

A higher pitched voice called out- the queen. "Yes, Nathaniel. We did. We were having some worries about the sort of attention you been having in the public."

Some beeped inside of Nathaniel. Of course. That was it. They were gonna send him home now. 

The king spoke. As if reading his mind, the head of the royal family said, "Now don't you worry, Nathaniel. You're not going anywhere. But we just needed to know if it was true. The rumors about you and the other boy, we mean."

A surge of relief passed through Nathaniel, quickly replaced by confusion. Why did they need to know if it was true? He should tell them, he decided.

Nathaniel nodded. "T-they're true." he looked up at his foster parents with fearful eyes. "Is that a problem?"

The queen sighed. "Oh, Nathaniel." she shook her head sadly. "Yes, it is a problem. The government only allowed adopting a child for a heir to be a one time thing. Meaning..."

"I'm going to need to produce a child." interrupted Nathaniel, voice growing steadily colder. "I can't be romantically interested in boys."

The king looked at his wife. "Exactly..." he said, uncertain of Nathaniel's reaction. Nathaniel began pacing the room.

"Meaning you're putting limits on my sexuality. Meaning I'm going to have no choice who I marry."

"Nathaniel, no! You can pick whoever you want to marry; there are all the girls in the world!"

Nathaniel stared at the queen, who just spoke. "And what if I don't want to marry a girl?" he asked fiercely.

Adrien's POV:

Kaden stared at Adrien, menace in his eyes. A silver tongue ring shined through the cracks of his teeth. Suddenly, out of nowhere, he raised his hand a dealt a blow to the shorter boy's face. Adrien cried out in pain. The blonde boy's knees buckled and he crumpled to the floor of the park.

"That'll teach you to forget my science homework. You have to do what I want when I want; because I said so." snarled Kaden, pushing one of his hair spiked into its original position. He stomped away, leaving Adrien to whimper on the cement in pain. A large, hand shaped bruise began forming on Adrien's face. A tear slipped out of Adrien's eyes and he plugged them shut, wishing Nathaniel was there to comfort him.

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