England; Right?

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"Marinette, you're always staring at that photo of Adrien! You really like him, don't you?" chirped Alya

Marinette sighed. "I used to."

Alya burrowed her forehead. "Used too? Why not anymore?" she asked, confused.

"I.. I think he likes Nathaniel..."

"What?!" exclaimed Chloe, storming into the room. "Adrien's a faggot?!!"

Marinette's eyes widened. She took a step back. Alya, enraged, leaped on Chloe. She punched her nose, her eyes, everywhere. Soon, both girls had a nosebleed and two black eyes.

"Don't use that word!" growled Alya, wiping blood off her lips.

-Back to normal time-

Nathaniel's POV:

"Adrien!" Nathaniel exclaimed just as the doors closed. "Get out! You're not supposed to be here!"

"Umm..." muttered Adrien. "Too late for that..."

Nathaniel face planted, but there was a huge smile on his face. "Idiot! We are going to get in so much trouble! You don't have a ticket!"

Adrien wiped some blond hair out of his eyes. "Oops."

Suddenly, the plane jutted forwards. It slowly started gaining speed. Nathaniel's eyes widened. He grabbed Adrien's wrist and pulled him into the first class section. Luckily, the chairs were so big it could comfortably seat both of them. Nathaniel pulled himself into the chair first, quickly followed by Adrien.

"Let's hope nobody cares about this." muttered Adrien

"They will." Grumbled Nathaniel. "But now, they can't do anything about it. I'm sure that, once we get to England, they're gonna send you on a flight right back to Paris."

Adrien's smile faded. "What?"

Nathaniel sighed. "When we get to London, they will send you back to your dad."

"But what about you?" exclaimed Adrien, worried.

"I'll go to the foster system. I'll probably be adopted by some family, and if I'm not, I'll stay in the system until I age out at 18."

"So we'll never see each other again?" choked Adrien

Nathaniel shook his head.

"O-oh..." muttered Adrien.

"What did you think? Why did you get on the plane anyways?" said Nathaniel, turning to look out the window as the plane took off.

Adrien opened his mouth to talk, but thought better of it. He looked the other way, green eyes wet.


Adrien's POV:

Adrien watched as the plane landed. It all seemed a blur. Nathaniel was asleep. He had eaten an apple, even though he wasn't hungry.

Sighing, Adrien leaned over Nathaniel and gently shook him awake. "Hey, Stripes." he whispered. "We landed."

Nathaniel groaned, sitting up. Suddenly, his eyes widened. "Oh yeah! I'm Tiger; I need to stay in Paris don't I?!"

Adrien shook his head. "It'll be fine. Ladybug's got it."

"What about my kwami?" asked Nathaniel, tear slipping out of his eye.

"What about me?" chirped the mini Tiger, floating out of Nathaniel's bag

Adrien immediately grabbed the kwami and shoved it back in the bag. "We can't risk it being seen!" he whispered angrily.

"Well, I didn't ask for it to come out!" retorted Nathaniel.

"Yeah, well, you obviously called him!"

"I did not!"

"If you don't even realize you called him, maybe you don't deserve to be a superhero!" launched Adrien.

Nathaniel's face hardened.

"I didn't mean..." began Adrien.

"Yes, you obviously did, Adrien. Now, get out of my way and let me exit the plane!"

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