We Meet Again

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Nathaniel's POV:

Nathaniel walked onto the royal carpet. It was a luxurious mix of red and purple. His white cape flowed out behind him. The King and Queen - no, his parents - walked in front of them. A golden crown sat jeweled on Nathaniel's forehead. In it was centered a green, sparkling gem; it reminded him of Adrien's eyes.

There were hundreds of photographers on either side of the royal carpet. 'Snaps' and 'Clicks' quickly followed by white bursts of light. These photos were probably going to be all over the English newspapers the next day. The queen had told Nathaniel to smile brightly and wave; but Nathaniel couldn't. It was all he could do to not growl at everyone. He was going to Paris; but he wasn't going to be with Adrien. Rather, he would spend the next week with Chloe Bourgeois.

Nathaniel and his parents finally reached the end of the carpet. At the end was a massive, luxury private jet plane. Nathaniel stepped on quickly to avoid paparazzi.

Once inside, Nathaniel gasped. It was beautiful; even more pretty than his spectacular bedroom. The walls and floor were covered with the luxurious red and purple carpet. There were dozens of windows; all of them, of course, closed, so paparazzi couldn't see the inside. The seats were made of leather with a light coating of fur; for comfort. And, in front of each seat, lay a massice screen; not the normal five inch by five inch screen you get on airplanes; the screens were the size of a regular television! Of course, to grant this, there was only one seat per row.

There were at least 75 rows, however. Nathaniel wondered why the royal family needed this many seats, but it didn't really matter. Choosing a seat, he ignored his screen for now and pulled out his book.

Finally, his parents boarded the plane. What had took them so long? Passing Nathaniel, the queen scoffed at him. "Natty!" she said. "Why are you sitting in the normal seats? We get first class!"

Nathaniel looked at her, stupified. This was normal class? Well, then again, this was the private jet for the royal family. He sighed and followed his parents through the door that he thought led to the cockpit; in fact, it led to another magnificent room.

Adrien's POV:

Adrien sat in his room, smiling hugely. He was reading a new magazine article about how the royal family of England was visiting France. They were, of course, staying in the house of Paris' mayor, which meant Nathaniel would be spending a lot of time with Chloe. Adrien was, of course, a bit jealous, but he decided not to interfere. Other than, of course, tonight.

As a very influential man, Gabriel Agreste had been invited to dinner with the royal family and the mayor's family. Which meant that Adrien would be going to dinner with his father. Which meant that Adrien was going to spend a few hours with his beloved Nathaniel!


After hours of restless waiting, and after watching the royal jet land on the mayor's private airport, it was finally time for Adrien to begin getting ready for the late night, fancy dinner in which he would spend time with Nathaniel.

He pulled on a black suit, with a tie. He wore white dress pants and brown boots. To show his French culture, he made sure to put on a navy blue beret. Golden hair stuck out everywhere.

Finally, finally, the time came for Adrien and Gabriel to take the limo to the mansion. The whole ride seemed like a dream. Finally, we arrived.

I walked into the mansion. I couldn't notice details; I was too excited to meet Nathaniel. I found my way to the living room and took a seat. Chloe, of course, sat next to me. The king and queen walked in; I bowed politely. I was still too dazed.

Finally, a boy walked in. He was about my age, wearing royal clothes. He had long red hair and startling blue eyes. A white cloak flew out behind him.

My green eyes met with his. "Nathaniel!" I gasped silently.

His crystal blue eyes widened, and he ran towards me, ignoring the looks his parents gave him.

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