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"Tom! Bro!" You both were greeted —or more like he was greeted— right as you walked in. The door was barely opened all the way before people were hollering. "Guys, he's here!" A tall man with blonde hair shared a unique handshake with Tom followed by a hug.

Tom smiled an effortless smile and hugged the guy back. "What's happening, mate?" He responded. He kicked his shoes off and started to make his way further into the house. You trailed along further behind.

"Finally, the last of my babies is here!" You heard a woman call happily as she emerged from the kitchen. "Even Harry got here before you!"

"Hi mum," he grinned and pulled the short woman into a tight hug. She motioned for him to sink to her level and they exchanged kisses on their cheeks."It's good to see you. So everyone is here already?"

"Oh yes, they're scattered for now, but I'm going to need some help with dinner soon." That's when you caught her eye. "And Tom, who is this lovely girl? You didn't mention you had a girlfriend." She made her way to you and wrapped her arms around your body. "It's nice to meet you!" She said with an extra squeeze. He really wasn't lying, she is a hugger.

"Oh, I'm not- we're not-" you stuttered, suddenly unable to find words.

"(y/n)'s a friend from work, mum," he clarified. You were caught off guard by him calling you a friend and not a colleague, a student, a reporter. There are so many other things he could have called you, but he went with friend. He took your bag from you and tossed it to the tall blonde. "Can you put this in my room, dude?"

He wiggled his eyebrows. "Your room? Sure, she's your 'friend'."

"Harrison!" Tom's mum scolded. You made a mental note —that's Harrison. "Don't make (y/n) uncomfortable." She turned to you. "Do you want something to drink, sweetie? I have water, some Pepsi, iced tea?"

"Ice water would be nice," You said and she nodded with a sweet smile before turning and disappearing into the kitchen again.

"I'm staying with Harry," Tom clarified. You followed him into the kitchen area and took a seat at the breakfast bar where he also sat. "That was Harrison. And you've met my mum now. And you know Sam and Harry already," he pointed to the Harry sitting at the end of the bar, munching on some apples. He waved with a smile. "I guess all you have left to meet is Paddy and my dad."

"And Sam's girlfriend is here," Harry pointed out.

His mum handed you a glass of water. "And you can call me Nikki," she told you. "I'm sorry, I hope I didn't make you uncomfortable. I shouldn't just assume things."

"What happened?" A red headed boy asked as he entered. He bumped fists with Tom and pulled up a chair. "I'm Paddy, by the way," he smiled charmingly at you and shook your hand.

"(y/n)," you introduced yourself with a smile.

"Did you come with Tom?" He raised his eyebrows and you nodded as you sipped your water.

"I mistakenly called (y/n) Tom's girlfriend," Nikki shook her head. "Stupid of me."

"Ha, Tom and girlfriend don't go in the same sentence," Paddy joked. "You know his last girlfriend was his sophomore year of college, and that was a total trainwreck."

"Paddy," Tom warned through tight lips. "Stop." Then he looked to you and shook his head subtly. You knew what that meant. He didn't want you to use that. You nodded and took a deep breath. "So, what's for dinner?" Tom changed the subject.

"A whole array of foods, so I need all hands on deck," Nikki clapped her hands together. "Harry, can you wash the lettuce? Paddy, help your dad outside. Tom, get chopping." She handed you a knife. "Do you know how to chop onions?" You nodded and she grinned. "Great, you can take care of that. And where are Sam, Elysia, and Harrison? I hope they don't think they can get out of helping."

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