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It was your turn to get the groceries for the apartment, much to your disappointment. Since finishing up school and finally graduating only a week ago, you had given yourself permission to go at a slower pace. There was no need to rush onto the next thing. You were going to take a walk down easy street, but that didn't mean you didn't have to fulfill your obligations as roommate.

The pink sticky note from Lindsay that was in the palm of your hand creased and folded a little as you held onto the cart and pushed it through the aisles. She always wanted the strangest things, and you usually had a lot of trouble finding just the right kind of cereal or type of cheese. This time, it was a breeze. You crossed the very last thing off of her list and shoved it into your bag before picking up the rest of your own.

When you got to the checkout lane, your day got interesting. The line was long so you glanced at the magazines on the endcaps while you waited. Your eyes caught glimpse of a familiar name: Tom Holland. You leaned in closer and your eyes traveled up to the title of the magazine.

Vanity Fair.

Your breath caught in your throat as you wrapped your fingers around the glossy papers and pulled it out of the rack. "Exclusive Profile on famous CEO Tom Holland," the cover read. You inched your cart forward as the line moved, but your fingers were busy flipping to the table of contents. "Page 30; Untitled: The Story of the Rise of Tom Holland."

"No fucking way," you whispered to yourself. Professor Dubois had informed you a month ago that your paper was one of the select few sent to the magazine, but she never said anything about it getting published. It was just a shot, not a guarantee. "No way, no way, no way." You repeated and fumbled to get to page thirty.

And there it was laid out perfectly across the pages. Written by (y/n) (y/l/n), Journalism graduate of UCLA. You were in complete shock, standing still in the aisle as you stared at the open magazine.

"Miss?" You heard and looked up to see that it was your turn next.

"Oh, I'm sorry." You shook your head and the first thing you tossed on the belt to be scanned was that magazine.

As soon as you got into your car, you took your phone out and texted Lindsay about the publication. She responded immediately with illegible gibberish and a plethora of emoticons that were hard to translate. You grinned like an idiot and replied with a quick, "I KNOW!" before tossing it onto the seat and starting the car. You needed to get home and get those groceries put away as soon as possible before you could show him.


"Linda, is he in?" You asked Tom's secretary, but you were struggling to catch your breath. The elevator was taking way too long to get down to the first floor, so you ran up the stairs fueled by your excitement and adrenaline. She nodded and opened her mouth to reply, but you sped past her and didn't bother to knock on the door. "Tom!" You grinned but noticed he was on the phone. "Oh shit, sorry." You frowned.

He nodded and mouthed a greeting to you as he listened to whoever was on the other line. Quietly, you made your way behind him and rubbed his shoulders as he spoke. It must have felt good, because the next words out of his mouth were, "Martin, I am going to have to call you back." When he hung the phone up, he spun around in his chair and grasped onto your hips. "You know better than to do that." He said, but his smile told you he wasn't mad.

You leaned down to press your lips against his and listened to him moan in satisfaction as he pulled you onto his lap.

"I'm sorry, Tommy." You said before kissing him again, quickly this time. "I know we had plans to see each other later, but this couldn't wait until you got off work." He raised his eyebrows and licked his lips, his eyes traveling to your hands that were shuffling around in your bag. You pulled out the magazine and pointed to the cover.

"Is that what I think it is?" Tom asked as he took it out of your hands.

"Mhm," you nodded quickly and got off of him so he could look through it easier. You lifted yourself up onto his desk and let your legs dangle as he found the page. "I found it while I was shopping and I couldn't wait to show you. Tom," you put your hand on his shoulder and he looked up. "I'm a printed journalist! In fucking Vanity Fair!"

Your energy must have been contagious because you noticed his pupils dilate in excitement as he skimmed the pages. "This is excellent," he agreed. He stood up and tossed the magazine onto the desk next to you before wrapping his arms around your waist and pressing his body closer to yours. Your noses grazed before he kissed you once more. "I'm so proud of you, darling."

"Oh, um-" You heard a voice by the door and it caused you both to jump. You turned around and saw his secretary. "I'm sorry, your door was cracked so I figured..." Linda stood with a pile of papers in her arms. "Mr. Holland, these need your signatures by the end of the day." She said with a hint of a smirk on her face. She was avoiding uour eye contact.

Tom huffed and his hot breath on your neck sent shivers through your body. "Set them on the corner of that table please. And shut my door on your way out."

"Yes, sir." She grinned and followed his directions.

Once the door clicked shut and the coast was clear, you couldn't help but laugh. You leaned your forehead against his shoulder and let out your giggles. "It's not funny." He said, but he let one chuckle escape. "(y/n), this is very unprofessional."

"Loosen up, big guy." You whispered to him and ran your finger along his collar to undo his tie a bit. "It's alright. I can make it up to you."

He pushed you away and shook his head slowly as his gorgeous eyes stared into yours. "Not right now," he said and cocked his head slightly. "Don't tempt me."

You pushed him away slightly and hopped off of his desk. He towered over you once again. "Okay, then later." You promised. "We're still on for tonight, right?"

"Of course," he said lowly and bit his lip as he took in the sight of you in your tight black leggings and one of his old white concert t-shirts that he had left at your place. "We're going to celebrate my girl's success."

"I can't wait." You winked and started to walk away, moving your hips in away that you knew would drive him crazy. Once you got to the door, you turned around and saw his wide eyes and open jaw. "See you later." You laughed and blew him a kiss.

He held his hand up to catch the kiss and smiled fondly and your eye contact wasn't broken until the door closed once again.

october 9th, 2018.

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