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Monday passed with very few words between you and Tom. You could tell there was a definite line that had been crossed by his standards. Almost by yours as well though. This was a project. For school. And now you weren't sure what either of you were feeling.

Lindsay begged you to tell her about the weekend's events but your mind was clouded so you went straight to bed and didn't wake up until your alarm went off to get ready Monday morning. There was little conversation. You received a thank you from him for his morning coffee and then a "(y/n), exit please, this is private." When Harry called him on the phone.

Same for Wednesday. He had remained silent and you had observed his habits as you always did, talking with his hands, sparkly eyes when he heard music he enjoyed, and he loved cheeseburgers.

Right before Max was about to take you home you looked at Tom to say goodbye and he was already looking at you. "I'm sorry about this weekend." He uttered quietly.

"Nothing bad happened, Tom, so what you opened up a bit?" You shrugged and leaned against the wall.

"But I don't- that's the thing." He snapped. His face softened and he sighed. "(y/n), even with excessive amounts of alcohol I don't open up to people that I don't know well. And for as much as I know about you, I don't know you." He paused and began to type on his keyboard.

"Why can't you have a conversation with me without focusing on something else?" You finally asked him.

"(y/n)..." He paused and looked at you angrily. You half expected him to tell you to leave for asking him that.

"Then sit and have a fucking conversation with me." You put your things back down and sat at a chair in front of his desk with your arms crossed.

"(y/n)." He looked at you and took his hands off of the computer mouse. "I have trust issues."

"No shit." You rolled your eyes, "Tom, why'd you agree to do this if you don't trust anyone?"

"Because Linda had already said I would do it and I don't go back on my word." He raised his eyebrows.

"Although I know you keep your word, that's a lie. Why'd you do this? And don't give me 'press for your clients' bullshit, why did you take this on? You're obviously too busy to be dealing with someone in college-" you scoffed.

"Because I needed something else to focus on besides work. But God do I regret letting you in now." His eyes widened and he licked his lip. "(y/n)- I'm sorry." He looked surprised at the words that came out of his mouth.

"Don't be." You got up, "I'll see you Friday."

"(y/n)," he tried to stop you from leaving. Your head was going in a million places.

You walked out of the office and to the car, "Max, I'm gonna stop for a coffee, no ride needed today." And you told him to drive away.

You spent most of your evening angry and hanging upside down in your room. "Do you wanna go out tonight?" You heard from the door. You looked over to see Lindsay dressed in a fancy outfit and Tyler with his arm draped over her shoulder.

"I'm not feeling it. Plus, it's a Wednesday." You reminded her.

"Doesn't mean we can't go have a good time." She shrugged you off and began to walk away.

"You go ahead." You assured her.

You sighed loudly and began your evening attempting to write your paper on the man you couldn't get out of your head. You couldn't stop thinking about what he had said about you at the beach house and why he had invited you to spend the weekend with them in the first place.

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