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warning: there's a lil bit of smut in this one.

"I thought you wanted to go to bed early because you have to work tomorrow." You said as your hands kept running through his soft curls.

Tom mumbled under his breath with his eyes still shut, savouring the moment. "I'd rather stay like this."

You shrugged your shoulders, being totally fine with his decision. Your fingers played softly with his brown curls and Tom sighed deeply, finding himself wanting to stay like that forever. Neither of you were paying attention to the show playing on your bedroom's TV, you were both busy enjoying each other's company. You were laying on your bed and Tom's head was comfortably rested on your lap, him occasionally leaving soft kisses on your thighs.

"Just tell me when you get too tired, don't want you falling asleep over me." You teased and you felt Tom scoff jokingly.

"Could really use a day off tomorrow." He said, his voice coming out a bit muffled from his face being buried in your lap.

"Didn't you tell me you have this super important meeting tomorrow?" You reminded him.

"Starting to think I'm the reckless one in this relationship, love."

"I wouldn't exactly use that word to describe you." You chuckled and Tom slightly bit your exposed thigh in a joking manner.

"Shut up." You couldn't see it, but you were sure a big cheesy smile was dancing on his lips.

Tom rolled on his body so he was now laying on top of you and rested his chin over your chest, his eyes staring deeply into yours. He took in their beauty, admiring every single little detail. He found himself wondering how in hell he got so lucky. After all the bullshit he's been through and after thinking he just wasn't meant to be sentimentally involved with someone, he never would've thought something like this would happen. If months ago someone had told him he'd meet someone who'd totally turn his life around and make him believe in love again, Tom would've told them they were mad and to piss off. Because he was convinced he wasn't meant to be loved, or to love someone.

But then you appeared. You walked into his life and turned it completely upside down. He was suddenly happy and cheery again and he could swear he would do anything in his power just to make you happy. He would do anything for you. Because whether he admits it to himself or not, he's completely head over heels for you.

"Stop staring." You interrupted his train of thought.

"Don't want to." He whispered. "You're too damn pretty not to stare."

"Really can't help but be cheesy, can you?" You asked with a raised brow and a smile you couldn't hide.

Tom raised his head to attach his lips to yours, and if it were up to him, he'd stay like this forever. Just laying on top of you, sharing an intimate moment just the two of you, not having a care in the world. The corners of your mouth curled up and so did his, but none of you dared break the kiss. It wasn't rushed or sexual in any way, it was sweet and tender, and it held everything that needed to be said. Everything you both wanted to say, but didn't find the words to do so.

And that's when it hit him. Right in that moment, Tom realised that he was deeply, madly in love with you. He has for a while, but it just took that little push for him to finally see it clearly. You saved him, gatherered the broken pieces and put them back together, finally making him be the Tom he used to be. The happy and cheery Tom everyone loved.

He was the one to break the kiss, pecking your lips one last time before looking into your eyes with a sided smile.

"Can I tell you something?"

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