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The moment you got home you put on a jumper and a pair of shorts and threw your hair into a pony tail so you could finish writing. You ate peanut butter crackers and wrote non stop from 6 pm until 9 pm.

"It wouldn't be fair for me to say I wasn't partial to Tom and the way he ran things. From the moment I laid eyes on him there was something different about him I couldn't figure out. He was different than any other person I'd ever met. At first I saw a stone cold, harsh boss with no inkling of a good time in his body. Now I see a man who loves passionately about making business, about music, about cooking, about super heroes, and most importantly, his family."

You stopped typing. It felt finished.

You sighed and closed your eyes. You scrolled to the top and began to read all the way through. It took you about ten minutes to read and to edit before you printed it off and stapled it together. You wanted to talk to Tom.

You got in your car and put your paper in the passenger's seat. You had been paying attention when Max drove you home and you knew exactly how to get to the neighborhood.

"Name please?" The security guard asked you at the gate.

"Oh, I'm (y/n) (y/l/n) here to see Tom Holland. But could you not tell him? I'm trying to surprise him. His driver usually drives me and-" you paused, realizing that she didn't care. You closed your eyes. "Will you call Harry instead of Tom?"

"Sure." She said with sass. She went into the office and made a phone call before giving you a pass and letting you inside the gated community. You drove to the back and up the hill to get to Tom's property.

You parked in the driveway and walked up to the front door. Before you even made it up to the door, you could hear the sound of a grand piano being played beautifully. You wanted to stand and listen to it all night knowing it was Tom playing. Finally, you gathered the courage to ring the doorbell and the music stopped. "Harry, are you expecting someone?" You heard Tom call out.

"Nah, man." Was his loud response. You could hear foot steps coming down the stair case next to the outside wall and the door unlocked.

He opened the door and you stood there quietly and held your paper out to him. "What is this?" He asked as he took it from your hand.

"It's my paper." You swallowed. "It's called Untitled: The story of the rise of Tom Holland." You smiled to yourself and he looked back up at you. He opened the door widely and set the paper down on the table next to the entryway before taking your hand and pulling you inside.

How you had longed for the feeling of his hand in yours for weeks now and you could finally feel it. "Is it finished?" He asked. "Like, entirely, completely, ready-to-be-turned-in, finished?"

"A hundred percent done." You assured him.

He looked you over and in an instant his hands went to your hips and he brought his body down to kiss you with the most passion you'd ever felt. Your hands went up around to his shoulders and then your arms around his neck to give yourself something to grasp. His strong arms had you off the ground and almost involuntarily you had wrapped your legs around his torso as your lips connected and moved together. You felt movement and he pressed you against the wall.

"I hate to break up such a beautiful moment," Harry interrupted and caused you both to jump at the sound of his voice. "But you left the front door open and it's cold for once." He smirked and closed the door.

"Was it necessary to interrupt that?" Tom put you down and turned to his brother.

"Oh, yes. It was well worth it." He said with a laugh.

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