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Even with the extensive directions Tom had given you, you couldn't help but feel like you didn't really know what to do; he was a bit intimidating. He had told you to wear a dress and heels, yet you still had trouble picking out exactly what to wear. What dress did you own would translate from office attire to evening wear in the blink of an eye? You settled for a dark blue dress that had loose short sleeves and a knee length flowing skirt. You paired it with a pair of classic white heels. Your makeup and hair were subtle but you nodded at your reflection in the floor length closet mirror.

Outside the window, you could see a black car pull up along the curb and within a minute, your phone buzzed to confirm it was the car that had been sent for you. You shoved your laptop, notebook, and a few pencils into your bag along with your wallet and keys and made your way towards the door.

"Where are you off to looking all hot like that?" Lindsay chuckled from the kitchen. She was cooking herself some breakfast in only a button down shirt —obviously not hers— and panties.

"I have my first day of interviewing for my project," you smiled back at her. "And I need to get going right now, so I can't talk. I have no idea when I'll be home." You walked right past her and out the door. You couldn't afford to be even a second late.

When you got out to the building, the driver was waiting by the door, holding it open. "Good morning, Ms. (y/l/n)," he greeted you with a courteous smile and slight nod.

You raised your eyebrows but smiled back. "Good morning." You slid into the backseat and the door shut gently. All of this felt like over-doing it already, but you weren't about to say anything to anyone in complaint. You were lucky Tom was even agreeing to let you into his life, so however he wanted to go about it was fine with you.

The first stop was at Starbucks, of course. You hadn't forgotten his coffee order. After ordering, the wait was a bit long. Everyone was getting their mid-morning fix at the same time, like this was the only Starbucks in LA. Your name was called and you grabbed the coffee and made your way back to the car, where the driver was waiting once again. He opened the door and nodded as you got in.

"Do you mind if I ask your name?" You asked him once he got back into the driver's seat. "We're probably going to be seeing a lot of each other."

He glanced up into the rearview mirror as if he were surprised at your question, but the same soft smile returned to his face. "I'm Max. We'll be arriving at Mr. Holland's office in about ten minutes, which should put you right on time, Ms. (y/l/n)."

And sure enough, within ten minutes, you were parked outside his building. You walked up to his office and was greeted by Linda, who told you to go ahead back. "Be sure to knock first," she advised. You nodded and thanked her before making your way to his door.

You knocked three times quickly with your fist against the wood and waited.

"Come in," an even voice called back and you pushed the door open. Tom looked up from his computer when you walked in and then looked right back at the screen. "Ah, (y/n)."

You held out your arm, offering him the coffee. "Grande Cafe Americano," you confirmed.

"Yes," he took it and brought it to his lips to taste it. "Have a seat." He finished typing and looked over to you. He didn't look exactly thrilled to have you over, but you could tell he was putting forth a certain effort to appear polite. His eyes looked you over slowly from head to toe before his dark eyes met yours. "I have a full schedule today, so you're going to have to keep up. You may take notes, but you are-"

"Your shadow, I remember," you finished his sentence, but saw how his lips turned down at the corners when you interrupted him. "Sorry."

He huffed lightly and stood up, making his way towards the door. When you didn't get up right away, he turned around raised his eyebrows at you. "Well, (y/n)?"

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