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"Can we go already?"

"We've been here for no longer than an hour. When was the last time you went out to have some fun?"

"If by 'have fun' you mean going to a club and being surrounded by dozens of drunk sweaty people who know nothing about personal space, then it's been quite a while."

"Yeah, I can tell." You chuckled. "You really need to learn how to loosen up."

Tom rolled his eyes playfully at you and grabbed your hand and gave you a shy look, almost as if to check that his action was fine. You smiled at him and squeezed his hand as reassurance, which made him grin.

"I really think I'm already too old for this." Tom muttered as he grabbed your other hand and pulled you closer to his body, your foreheads connecting.

"You're twenty three, not forty." You pointed out. "Just stop playing the successfu business man card and act your age for once." You teased with a hint of a smile.

"Are you always this bossy when you're under the influence of alcohol?" Tom asked with a raised brow. You weren't a hundred percent drunk, but you weren't completely sober either.

"Sometimes, yeah." You giggled as you played with Tom's fingers. "Is that a problem?"

"No," he shook his head slowly with a smirk dancing on his lips. "It's actually kinda hot."

You smiled and attached your lips to his. Tom's hands quickly moved from yours and flew to your waist, bringing you balance. Your hands went to grab the back of his neck, your fingers playing with his curly locks. Tom groaned into the kiss at the feeling of your hands soothing his hair and pulled your body even closer to his. Tom's hands gripped your waist tighter as he deepened the kiss, savouring every inch of your mouth. The loud music kept playing and everyone kept dancing to the beat of it not having a care in the world, but it felt like the two of you were the only people in the room. God, someone could be murdered right next to him and Tom wouldn't give a shit about it. It's been a while since he's felt like nothing else mattered. Sure, his job and career always keep him busy and seem to be the only things that matter to him. But there's a difference between something and someone. Having someone lift him off the ground to the point where the only thing he cared about was being with them wasn't something to commonly happen to Tom. But being honest to himself, he missed it.

"You know," Tom broke the kiss and connected your foreheads once again. "I thought you said you'd dance like a slut to me."

"And I thought you didn't like the word slut." You giggled.

Tom chuckled and rubbed his thumb through your hips. "I don't, just remindin' ya what you told me." He shrugged his shoulder with a cheeky grin.

He's been more playful ever since you finished your paper. And being honest, you loved it. It was like Tom was finally showing you his true colours and you were finally seeing him be himself and not the bossy CEO you once knew.

"I'd really like to see you dance like a slut to me." You smiled as you placed your hands over his chest, the alcohol doing the talking.

Tom's brows furrowed as he laughed. "Think I'm already a slut for you, darling." You let out a loud laugh and soon enough Tom joined you. "Don't even know why I said that. Can we please stop using that word?" He asked with a smile still dancing on his lips.

"I like this Tom." You confessed.

"What do you mean?"

"The playful and cheery version of yourself. I know you're actually a softie and know how to have a good time, but you just cover it up with your successful CEO side while putting on a mean face."

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