If it's darkness we're having, let it be extravagant.

- Jane Kenyon

Predation had always been one of my more active pass times. I enjoyed the chase almost as much as the inevitable kill. Although my prey was never killed prior to my feeding on them it constituted to the same preordained results.

It was a guilty little pleasure of mine to have them alive and squirming with fear when I finally sunk my fangs into their carotid arteries. Thus shattering their illusion of any possible escape and welcoming them to my reality.

It was a game of sorts. One I enjoyed immensely.

The fun part was finding a donor, no matter their degree of unwillingness, and stalking them in a way that fills them with the idea of being the hunter instead of the hunted. A therapist would have a field day analyzing the psychology behind my game of cat and mouse. They would scratch their heads in wonder at such carefully considered manipulation.

Tonight was a night that I would indulge in my rarely shown theatrical side. The first time I spotted them I could barely contain my glee. They had been just what I was looking for and there they were. In a dodgy underground nightclub on the outskirts of Virginia. Drinking cheap liquor and hitting on women they couldn't afford.

They occupied a booth in a dark corner with empty bottles and dirty glasses haphazardly covering the surface of their table. Cigarette buds littered the table as they overflowed from the too full ashtrays. Their surroundings were as dirty as the filth frequenting their minds.

This location was obviously decided on due to their apparent perversion of the fairer sex. Their lust filled gazes vulgarly trailed over the scantily clad girls as they stumbled their way past them and down the corridor of flickering lights.

Whatever the occupation of these ladies, it
was of little consequence to these men. They saw a hot piece of ass. That was it. Some of them really just wanted to embrace the toilet bowl as they puked off the enamel.Yet these men watched hungrily as women stumbled their way through these darkened hallways. Just wanting to rip in and have at it.

Voyeurism is apparently a thing when you're drunk off your ass.

My study of these idiots has been stretching over approximately an hour or two. I watched them from beneath heavily mascaraed lashes while downing cheap beer like the entire case was nearing its expiration date. Pretending to get absolutely plastered with whatever this shithole had to offer.

Flirting with the bar lady seemed to help too. Every time I leaned over the bar to encourage conversation with her I flashed the men behind me a generous glimpse of my lace clad derriere. The short red wraparound dress I was wearing rode up as the evening progressed and occasionally, I'd forget to pull it down. Being under the influence and all... Slips my mind like you would not believe.

Roxy twisted the cap off another beer before sliding it my way over the counter. "So, Val," she husked seductively as she leaned towards me with her breasts almost spilling from the confines of her tank top. "My shift ends in half an hour. You want to get out of here?"

There was no hidden meaning to her invitation as she called me by the abbreviation of the name I gave her. It was but one of many. I was tempted to accept her offer. My sexual orientation leaned more towards males, but I've been known to indulge in what both genders have to offer.

Roxy was damn easy on the eyes and she'd be a fun fuck, but she wasn't my target for tonight. The darkness inside me demanded that we fed off its own kin. The darker the soul the better. The blood of the damned had a pleasant burn as it was pulled from their vein and slid down your throat. I swallowed convulsively just thinking about it.

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