Learning the Truth

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Hi again I'm sorry it's been a long update but I'm back and hope you enjoy!

Callaghan walked slowly back to the Orphanage, thinking about what he's done. He didn't like kids but he sure didn't want to hurt anyone for it. He truly regretted what he had done and didn't know how to fix it.

He unlocked the door to his apartment leading to the orphanage and closed the door behind him sinking down to the floor head between his knees and hands on his head, pulling through his hair. The boys emerged from their confined room to see what had happened.

"Are you okay Mr Callaghan?" Fred, one of the youngest boys asked quietly.

Callaghan looked up from his place on the floor and saw all the boys surrounding him. He sighed "Boys. I have done something terrible" he said whilst standing up, "and I don't know how to fix it"

"I'm sure we could help you Mr Callaghan" Little Fred said again. Callaghan smiles and started to talk to the boys and prepare a plan to fix his mistake.


Meanwhile back at Tadashi's apartment. He and Hiro were packing his bags ready to leave.

"Are you sure I can take all this stuff Tadashi?" Hiro asked.

"Well of course you can, I gave it to you and I want you to keep it" Tadashi smiled.

Hiro smiled back, "Thanks, but I don't think I'll need all this stuff" He replied politely, "maybe you could send some back to the orphanage! I know they'll love it"

Tadashi gave a half-hearted smile. Before agreeing to take the stuff to the orphanage after he left.

"Is it dusty in here?" Hiro questioned

"Oh um no, it's just my eyes water a lot" Tadashi argued, before wiping his eyes quickly to hide his emotion, "You know Hiro, I'm really going to miss you."

"I'll miss you too Tadashi" Hiro said, before hugging Tadashi as tight as possible.

Pulling Tadashi and Hiro out of their state was the sound of the elevator chime, the doors opened and Hiro's "parents" stood waiting.

"You ready kid?" Wasabi asked, "We're gonna go straight to the airport, kid."

"Okay." Hiro said, pulling his suitcase along with him.

Honey Lemon walked over and gave Hiro a squeeze, "It's been great getting to know you, Hiro. You're such a special little boy, I'll miss you"

"I know you like Mr Hamada, I think you should tell him what you feel Ms Lemon, then you'll have someone to be with" Hiro whispered into Honey's ear. She just smiled.

"Bye Hiro" They all said. As they watched Hiro get into the elevator with his 'family'.

"Finally we can get down to work!" Mr Krei announced, "let's get back to work Tadashi. The press is gonna eat this up and you sir will soon win the election" Krei beamed.

"Tadashi.." Honey asked, "I hate seeing you like this" she bit her lip in concern.

"Honey, I'm fine. Let's just get back to work"

"But Tadash—"

"I said I'm fine Ms Lemon!" Tadashi shouted, hurt in his eyes. You can tell this was breaking him apart.

Honey just stood shocked and watched with sad eyes as Tadashi slowly walked to his office, plopping down in the desk chair with his head in his hands.

"Hey don't take this too hard, it's not like you were gonna keep the kid forever" Krei laughed

Suddenly the sound of loud children's voices could be heard from down the hallway.

"Wait, what's that?" Tadashi stood from his chair and opened the office door.

When he opened it Honey stood their with her hand ready to knock. "Ah um. Mr Hamada.. Sir. I-I think you're gonna wanna hear this" Honey stuttered before leading him out of the office towards to main area of the apartment.

"Callaghan? What are you doing here" Tadashi questioned, as he saw him standing in his living room with 5 boys all different ages surrounding him.

"Sir- I mean Tadashi. It's Hiro. He's in trouble" He told him.


"Those weren't her real parents" Callaghan said, avoiding eye contact.

"What? What is happening?" Tadashi looked scared, "Krei is this true?!" He asked as Krei emerged from the office.

"Ignore him, cause he's clearly insane" Krei told Tadashi.

"I'd Watch your mouth, Mr Krei" Callaghan growled at him, "Look Tadashi, I did something terrible, and I'm really sorry" Callaghan told him.

"What do you mean those aren't her real parents?" Tadashi questioned.

"Krei- He had them take Hiro somewhere, I don't know where but he only did it so you would win the election"

"Where is Hiro, Krei. What have you done?" Tadashi yelled, "Answer me Where's Hiro!"


More coming soon!

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