Easy Street

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Hiro watched Tadashi on stage from his seat right at the front of the event whilst also chewing on some of the fancy food they were serving.

Tadashi coughed as he grabbed ahold of the microphone, "San Fransokyo faces challenges everyday. Challenges that seem insurmountable. We all tell ourselves no too often, no I can't get that job or no I can't afford college but the other day I was told by someone I care about that when people say no we're actually scared to say yes. So let's start saying yes to ourselves and yes to our future" Tadashi read proudly, as he raised a glass.

"Now most of you are aware of a certain guest that is staying with me and he only knows the word Yes, Hiro.. will you come up here please?"

Hiro looked towards the stage as he heard his name being said but he still had a mouth full of food. He quickly swallowed his mouth full before Ms Lemon encouraged him on to the stage. "Go on you'll be great" she smiled.

Tadashi gave him the microphone. Hiro stared blankly at the people in front of him and then towards Tadashi before closing his eyes and let out a deep breath.

"Hi everyone. Urm my name is Hiro, I can't believe I'm here, I'm in this huge building surrounded by all of you. Usually I'd be super nervous but I just wanted to say thank you to Mr Hamada for giving me such an opportunity. He's done so much for me for the past few days" Hiro smiled, looking over at Tadashi.

He was about to continue when Krei burst onto the stage, "Ah yes thank you... Hiro" Krei said sarcastically whilst clapping his hands. Before whispering into Hiro's ear "Now read my speech kid"

"What?" Hiro questioned.

"The speech I wrote you, the speech right there front of you kid" Krei began to get frustrated.

"Is everything all right?" Tadashi came onto stage and asked, a worried look in his eyes.

"Everything's fine, just read the speech kid." Krei demanded.

"Hiro are you alright?" Tadashi asked again more concerned this time.

Hiro just blinked, and didn't say a word. He became suddenly very flustered and panicked, "Leave me alone" He mumbled, and quickly dashed off the stage running out of the building.

"Hiro! Hiro-- wait!" Tadashi hurried after him.

Krei just laughed nervously on stage, "Ahem- well this is your big opportunity to vote for Mr Hamada! Say yes to Mr Hamada, thank you" Krei bowed and walked off stage as fast as he could.

"What was that all about?" Ms Lemon scolded Krei, "you made Hiro panic what were you thinking?"

"Oh please the kid will be fine" Krei scoffed, rolling his eyes.

- -

"Hiro! Wait, wait wait wait! Please" Tadashi shouted after him, losing his breath, "Hiro slow down! What are you doing?"

"Nothing it doesn't matter" Hiro insisted, rubbing the slight tears forming in his eyes.

"Young man you're going to have to tell me what's going on right now!" Tadashi asked.

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