Lucky Cat Cafe

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So so sorry for not updating this story! I thought no body liked it anymore but apparently you all do! I will be completing this fanfic but I've just been so busy with exams! I'm sorry again


Later that night Tadashi couldn't sleep. He ran his hands through his glossy hair as he pondered his thoughts on Hiro.

"Can't sleep?" Honey Lemon asked, as she perched on the seat next to him.

"Honey. I didn't realise you were still here, why haven't you gone home?" Tadashi questioned.

"Oh I was just finishing off some work, I know you've been busy with this situation lately so I didn't want to bother you with it." She smiled.

"Thank you Honey, I'm sorry I haven't been all there lately. I just don't know about Hiro, That kid means so much to me and I'm happy that we've found his parents but.. something doesn't feel right you know..." Tadashi sighed.

Honey rested her hands on his shoulder, "Hey it'll all work out in the end I'm sure for better or for worse. Hiro will be fine" She smiled again, "I'll see you tomorrow Mr Hamada."

"Night Ms Lemon" Tadashi waved her off. But Honeys words didn't put him at ease. He was just so worried. Tadashi decided he should try and sleep at least, as he walked to his room he decided to check up on Hiro.

Tadashi silently opened up the door to his room and saw Hiro sound asleep on his bed 'for once' He thought, as he usually sleeps under the table.

Tadashi smiled to himself, he carefully walked into Hiro's room towards his bed, ran his palm through Hiro's hair and perched a small kiss on his forehead, "Goodnight Hiro" he smiled. Before closing his door slightly and walking off to bed.


The next morning Hiro woke up bright and early, excited but slightly nervous for the day ahead. A million thoughts running through his head as he paced back and fourth.

"Morning Hiro, are you alright" Tadashi asked, before taking a sip of his coffee.

"Ah- I'm fine" Hiro responded nervously, "well-actually I'm a little nervous.. what if my parents don't even like me" He questioned.

"Hiro that's ridiculous, who wouldn't like you, your fun and energetic. I'm sure they had a reason for leaving you alone long ago. Just give it a chance" Tadashi beamed at him, "and we're already late so we best get going!" He announced before drinking the last of his coffee, grabbing his coat and Hiro by the hand and out the doors.

"I can't believe I'm gonna see my parents. I'm kind of freaking out!" Hiro exclaimed, as they walked towards the Lucky Cat Cafe.

"I'm happy for you Hiro. Are you ready to meet your parents?" Tadashi asked.

Hiro looked up at Tadashi, "As ready as I'll ever be.." He took a deep breath and walked through the cafe doors.

"Is That Hiro.. My baby boy. We've finally found you!" A young woman around the same age as Tadashi gasped in shock.

Hiro was told her name was Leiko, for short people called her Go-go, she had short black hair and was wearing a biker jacket. Beside her was a very buff man in a Green shirt and black jeans with curly brown hair that resembled a lot like Hiro's hair. His name was Wasabi, Hiro thought it was a very unique name.

Leiko (Go-go) ran over and knelt down to Hiro's level before pulling half a locket chain out of her bag, "Is it a match? Let's see, huh?" She took hold of Hiro's half around his neck and placed the two together.

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