Saving Hiro

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Back with more! This will be the final chapter of my fanfic I hope you loved this fanfic and I'm sad it's ending!


"Is it cold where we're going?" Hiro asked, and got no response.

"Do you collect ashtrays?"

"No." Wasabi responded bluntly"

"What about Art?"


"Do you play piano?"

"Just shut up kid" Wasabi rolled his eyes.

"Where are we going?" Hiro demanded.

"We're just taking you someplace for a little bit. Just relax." Leiko (Go-Go) told him.

"You're not my real parents, are you?" Hiro questioned.

Hiro tried wiggling the door handle to escape the car, but the doors were locked.

"Hey hey! Sit down and shut up kid- or else" Wasabi shouted.

"Let me go! I just want to go back to Mr Hamada!" Hiro yelled.

"Mr Hamada doesn't want you anymore kid" Wasabi lied, "why do you think he sent us to take you"

"Tadashi did this...? No- he wouldn't.."

"Maybe He has enough photos to win the election, you were just there for the approval rating kid."


"I want to get everyone on it, FBI you name it! Find Hiro now!" Tadashi paved.

"I got it, I'm already on with the police" Honey said.

"I didn't think anything like this could happen." Krei proclaimed.

"How could you not know who has him?" Callaghan growled.

"I got a guy who takes care of these kinds of things.It keeps our hands clean. Trust me." Krei said.

Callaghan raised his fist and moved forward to punch him before Honey stopped him. "Hey stop! Violence will not find Hiro"

"I can't trust you Krei, You took Hiro from me" Tadashi glared at him.


"Hey! Hey, look! It's that boy Hiro!" Some Boys recognised from the park they were stopped at"

"Hey help me!" Hiro yelled from the window

"What are you doing! Get him, Grab him!" Wasabi told Gogo before driving off and nearly causing a collision.

"Sit, sit, sit still please" Gogo told him.

"Don't touch me!"


"Someone just posted a picture
of Hiro online!" one of the boys said.


"On the San Fransokyo bridge!"

"Let's go" Tadashi began, but before he could Krei gripped him by his wrist.

"Hey. You do this, and everyone will know. Forget about the election, It'll destroy your whole career!" Krei exclaimed.

"I don't care."

"You're making a huge mistake. Think about everything you've worked for Tadashi!"

"You can call me Mr Hamada, and That everything means nothing to me. You're fired Krei" Tadashi pulled away from Krei's grip.

Tadashi rushes downstairs, where a police car was waiting to drive them to the bridge.

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