Lost and Found

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"Hiro how come you never told anyone you couldn't read?" Tadashi asked, with concern in his voice.

"It's not like the whole world wants a foster kid to begin with. And plus, it's embarrassing. I didn't want anyone to know." Hiro responded.

"That's not true Hiro, I wanted you and took you in and I think I'm finally beginning to realise what I want." Tadashi smiled, "but you don't need to be embarrassed by it. Truth is Hiro, everyone has something they wanna hide"

"What do you wanna hide?" Hiro asked.

"Well-uh" Tadashi rubbed the back of his neck, "well I guess this is it, this is my family" He said, standing near some old train tracks.

"What's what? Where even are we?" Hiro questioned.

"This is what I used to call home, you see Hiro my dad used to work here all the time every day 20 hours a day. And then he worked so hard he died. I was only 12 years old." Tadashi told Hiro.

"Do you miss him?"

"Yeah I do miss him, but I didn't know him well enough, seeing as he was always working. That's why I felt if I worked hard enough it would bring me closer to him and make him proud." Tadashi explained. "But I know he wouldn't be proud because I realise I have no one to care for"

"Well now you got this" Hiro smiled, and gestured to himself

Tadashi laughed, "Alright Hiro, you know I think there's pollen or something in this air got my eyes all scratchy" He said, as he wiped his eyes of the obvious tears forming.

Hiro just smirked to himself, and they both began to walk back to the house.


"Hey yo, you in the suit. You gotta wait in line for the auditions"

Krei looked alarmed, "Auditions?"

"Yeah dude, so get back in line. No cutsies"

Krei sighed in frustration, pushing past a crowd of people who were in line for an audition? He was going to kill Callaghan.

Krei burst threw the doors and walked into Callaghans office. "Would you care to explain what the hell is going on!" He shouted.

"You told me to find two people to play Hiros parents? So I'm holding auditions" Callaghan explained.

"I meant a few friends or two random people you bumped into! Not holding a full audition for it! Are you crazy?!" Krei went mad.


"No buts! You don't do anything, I'll take care of finding the parents. I'll call you when I need you" Krei exclaimed, still shouting and walking out the doors.


"Hey ur- Honey? Uh let me ask you something.." Tadashi said nervously, pulling on his collar.

"Of course what is it?" She replied cheerily.

"Oh well um- Exactly how hard would it be to become a foster parent? And not temporarily either. More like a... Well, you know, permanent situation." He questioned.

"You mean.. adopt Hiro?" She asked.

"Yeah, well, whatever the word is." He replied, clearly trying to hide his emotion.

That's the word, Tadashi"

Then, uh... Yeah. How would I do that?" He asked again, but got no response... "Honey?" All he could hear down the phone was a bunch of squeals and silent screams of excitement.

"Ahem-" Honey coughed to compose herself, "Sir that sounds like a wonderful idea I will sort it all don't you worry!" She said, trying to hide her excitement once again before hanging up the phone.

"We got Hiro!" She yelled in pure happiness. Obviously Tadashi was just as excited but was also nervous about it all.


"Here are all the papers Sir, I mean Tadashi" Honey smiled, handing him a load of papers stacked high. "Do you want me to help you with them or are you happy to tell him alone" She asked.

Tadashi wasn't paying attention, he was too busy watching Hiro from afar in the other corner of the room with a tutor he hired to help Hiro learn to read.

Honey noticed his glance was not at her and saw him looking at Hiro, she smiled "I don't think he's learnt to read yet Mr Tadashi"

"Hm? What- oh I mean well yes not completely but he could of learnt alot" Tadashi responded.

Honey was about to respond before she saw Krei running through the halls, "Tadashi! Tadashi" Krei came running and clearly out of breath.

"We got our game changer. Every election needs a game changer. We got our game changer!" Krei exclaimed

"Stop saying "game changer." Honey rolled her eyes.

"It's Hiro's parents. They saw his picture in the news and they called us. Apparently, they've
been looking for him for years, but he's just not in the system" Krei told them.

"How do they know he's their son then?" Honey and Tadashi both questioned.

"Well, they know everything about him. They know about the locket he has, the note, and oh, yeah, I ran a DNA test. Boom goes the dynamite!" Krei smirked.

"All right, but don't tell Hiro I wanna meet them before he finds out" Tadashi addressed.

"I wouldn't have it any other way. I mean, you should totally be the one who tells Hiro that we found his parents!" Krei added, raising his voice higher so Hiro could obviously hear him.

"You found my parents?!" Hiro asked, with joy in his face.

Honey rolled her eyes at Krei, obviously knowing he did it on purpose. "Yes, sweetie, we did. Well, we think so" She smiled,


Uh, yeah. We're gonna meet them at a place called the Lucky Cat Cafe?" Krei told him,

"That's where the note is from!" Hiro's face lit up.

"No way!" Krei said, clearly not shocked all.

"I knew they'd come for me" Hiro smiled.

"Uh... I'm happy for you, Hiro! I know this is what you always wanted." Tadashi gave a weak smile as he tried to take everything all in, but was clearly upset but also wanted to be happy for Hiro.

"And it's all because of you. I can't believe I'm gonna see my parents. I'm kind of freaking out. Thank you Tadashi" Hiro exclaimed, and ran towards him before pulling Tadashi into a big hug.

Tadashi stood there unsure what to do or say, before accepting the hug and wrapping his arms around Hiro. "Sure kid. I'd do anything for you" He smiled.


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