Movie Premiere

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"Morning Ms Lemon!" Hiro said brightly, as he came out of his room fully dressed with a smile on his face.

"Good Morning Hiro, did you sleep well?"

"Urm- yes I did actually!" He lied

"That's good then, anyway we have a very busy day today so we best get you all sorted for tonight's movie premiere" Ms lemon stated.

"Oh.. the movie premiere" Hiro completely forgot about it.

"Is something wrong?" She asked.

"Urm no-- it's nothing.. well I guess it's just that I don't have any clothes to wear for this movie premiere" Hiro said, shyly.

"Oh well don't worry about that! I'll get you all sorted now come on" She took hold of Hiros hand and went to help him find some suitable clothes


"Krei, how are we doing on the polls today." Tadashi asked through video call.

"Well sir they've definitely increased more than before but it's not high enough to beat Frank Porters team" Krei announced defeated. "This was his announcement to this morning

(Video appears on the screen)

Reporter: " So Mr Porter Sir, what do you take to Mr Hamada and his new foster kid Hiro?

Mr Porter: "My opponent wants to be mayor for two reasons. To feed his ego, and bolster his business interests. And now he coincidentally takes in a foster kid? Come on. Don't pee in my ear and tell me it's hot rain.

Reporter: Are you saying Hiro is a political move?

Mr Porter: "I'm surprised he hasn't gotten a dog yet"


"Are you sure I can have one?!" Hiro exclaimed excitedly, whilst being surrounded by loads of cute dogs.

"Yes--" Tadashi and Krei argued.

"Look kids love dogs this is going to make the polls even higher, everyone loves them. Even ladies by the looks of it" Krei said, looking over at Ms Lemon who was baby talking to a dog.

"What about that one?" Hiro asked, gesturing to the small white dog in a separate cage on his own.

"He just needs some love, he was separated from his family too soon" Said the owner.

"Hey boy, we found each other and I'll never leave you again" Hiro smiled, talking to his new dog.

"Hiro what are you gonna name him?"

"Urm--Baymax, yes Baymax!" Hiro smiled.


"Are you ready for the premiere Hiro?" Honey asked, knocking lightly on his door.

"Coming!" Hiro shouted through the door before opening it and revealing himself to be wearing a casual shirt and a light blue tie and it was all tucked into some smart black trousers.

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