Freedom and Collisions

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Back again with another chapter, I'm excited about these next two chapters got it all planned out in my head. And it sounds amazing, let's see if I can write it as good!


Hiro was still inside the cart full of dirty washing, if he stayed here any much longer he'd end up needing a dry clean too.

After about 15 minutes of driving, and Hiro being thrown around like crazy in the back of the truck. The vehicle finally came to a stop, the car engine stopped hissing and the truck doors opened wide as Hiro felt himself moving again as the cart was lifted out of the van and rolled into the shop.

Hiro could hear muffled voices coming from outside of the dirty washing.

"Where you been, you're late this laundry was supposed to be hours ago"

"Oh don't have a go at me I'm not the one who gave me wrong directions"

"Wrong directions I gave you no such thing your just a dumb driver"

Hiro waited for the voices to disappear from the room and heard them travelling further away, before unravelling himself from the bundles of sheets and jumped out the cart and onto the streets of San Fransokyo.

He'd been on the streets a few times before when he'd snuck out of the home to collect new parts for his bot, Hiro had been working on a new bot for weeks.

Hiro skipped a few years in school, and decided to leave after figuring he had the brain and mind to do anything he wanted himself which included major robotics.

The orphanage was boring most days so when he wasn't being ordered around, Hiro would mostly just sit and work on his bot and sneaking out collecting bits and pieces to put it all together.

Hiro reached into his large khaki trouser pockets and out he pulled a black metal object and a controller.

"Maybe it's time I test this little bot out since its finally ready.." Hiro smirked devilishly.

He knew all the spots where bot fights usually took place by looking online at the local library whilst he was 'studying' supposedly.

He ran around the back of the alleyway and into a dark abandoned area, where the walls were spray painted and litter and dirt were everywhere.

Hiro heard noises coming from one alley, he followed the noise and entered the arena where a bot fight took place.

"The winner, the undefeated champion is still YAMA!" She announced, this girl had her hair tied in a bun and was wearing a short red vest top and tight black jeans.

Hiro looked over the crowd to try and see who the reigning champion was; but Hiro wasn't tall enough he never was even at theme parks on the larger rides he always had to sit out.

Luckily the champion stood up, waving his bot around in the air. He was a chubby fella; very rounded, and had at least 4 double chins. His bot looked skilled but didn't possess the skills Hiro's bot did which would win him the crown of victory.

"Who's next to face me in the ring!" Yama shrieked over the crowd of noise.

The competitors in the arena went silent, and stepped back as they broke their robots or pretended they weren't here to fight.

"Come on are you afraid to face me? Who dares to challenge Little Yama!"

This was my chance.

"Ur-um.. Can I try?" I acted feeble try to show them I'm weak.

The silent crowd broke into roars of laughter as Hiro shrunk down as he looked around at everyone laughing at himself.

"Go home Kid, besides you gotta pay to play" The hostess stated.

"Oh is this enough?" I reached in my pockets and revealed a stash of money I stole from Callaghan a few days ago.

"Prepare your Bot, and get ready to lose little boy" Yama laughed.

Hiro prepared his of in front of himself and sat down on the small black cushion. An umbrella was sprung between him and Yama and it was twirled around whilst the hostess said the words one always here before battling in a bot fight.


Hiro launched his small bot to action as he darted around Yama's skilled bot.
But before He knew it, his robot was sliced into three pieces.

Hiro pretended to act surprised as he leant forward and glanced down at his bot.

"... That was my first fight! Ur- Can I try again?"

"No one likes a sore loser little boy, Go home before you get hurt"

"I have more money?" 

Yama smirked at his request and his strength to try another fight, but this time Hiro wasn't going to lose.

Hiro extended his controller until it between twice as big and activated his bot to repair itself immediately.

"Megabot- Destroy!" Hiro smiled.

Yama looked slightly shocked as Hiro's bot turned red making him nervous as he tried his usual attacks on bots. But Hiro manoeuvred his bot out and away from the strikes Yama tried on his bot.

Hiro soon split Megabot into three pieces once again and climbed up Yama's bot and re-attached themselves and made Yama's bot turn against itself and soon it was destroyed.

Everyone looked shocked, and clapped slowly as Hiro collected his reward money from the collectors tray.

"Well I'm surprised as you are, wow- I mean do you wanna go again... Yama?" He looked up and saw Yama towering over me as he pushed Hiro against the wall, and the crowd backed away. 

"No one defeats Little Yama! Teach him a lesson boys..." Yama said before turning his back and walking off.

Three of Yama's minions began walking forward and advancing slowly on him. There was no where to go.

"Oh too afraid to face me alone Yama, you have to get your little workers to beat me up instead of yourself.. Why's that Yama afraid you'll fail at doing that too?" Hiro suddenly blurted out before realising what he had said.

Yama turned around slowly and smiled at Hiros scared face.

"Okay little boy, I'll teach you a lesson myself then" Yama's fist came fast upon Hiro, but he ducked down quickly and Yama ended up punching the wall.

Hiro saw a chance and ran as fast as he could back down through the alley.

He looked behind and Yama and his gang weren't far off.

Hiro looked back in front of him; there was a man walking across the street, Hiro was running too fast to stop.

"Look Out!!!" Hiro cried, the man turned around saw Hiro coming towards him but didn't move in time.

Hiro collided with the man and came falling to the ground.



Okay so I know this chapter was pretty much a rewrite of the bot fight scene, but please don't hate on it and not read on because these events lead up to what happen in the next chapter and I'm sure your excited to discover who Hiro crashed into aswell so please leave a comment and vote on this chapter I appreciate it a lot! until next time

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