Mr Hamada

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Oh my gosh I haven't updated this fan-fiction in almost a year! Im not surprised if no one reads this... Anyways I hope you like this chapter I might of lost my touch of writing...

It was an ordinary day for Tadashi Hamada, ordinary people, ordinary streets and same old San Fransokyo. He was a robotics industrialist running the largest electronics company in the country and now currently running to be the next mayor of San Fransokyo.

"So here is your schedule for today Mr Hamada, you have an interview at 9am sharp and also a news opening to show the public how much you will express and help the people in this city if you become mayor at 11"

"You mean when I become Mayor Ms Lemon, there's no way I will be beaten by some rookie like Mr Chang"

"Yes of course Sir" Apologised Ms Lemon, She was Tadashi's assistant.

By the time Tadashi had to speak to the News reporters, he started to get nervous he had a reputation of being the "worlds worst mayor" at the time being because he only cared about that and nothing else which is what the public thought. When his car pulled up there was a crowd of people shouting his name but not in the good sense, he hoped to change his image.

"So Mr Hamada, what are your plans for the city if you become mayor?"

"I hope to make the city a better place for everyone to live in and stop gangs and fights threatening our city especially the bot fighting as everyone has the potential to do better"

The crowd wasn't loving his speech at all, most of them walked away, and ignored his pathetic excuse for a speech. He wasn't a very likeable person-well according to the public he wasn't.

He'd try many things to express how much he values the public but something always went wrong. As if bad luck followed him everywhere.

That bad luck also followed him today, just as the interview was almost over a white shaggy dog out of nowhere knocked the camera over, cutting the connection of power and the dog managed to include Tadashi in this scene and dragged him down with the rest of the interview set.

Just as this occurred a young group of boys no older than 14 years of age, chasing the dog jumped right over the scene stepping on the broken machines as they went.

"Great" Thought Tadashi, looks like I'll be paying for this replacement and also the embarrassment of falling over will also be top of the news. Just great. "That'll put me down on the polls for sure" He thought once again.

Tadashi casually stood up, brushed the dust off of his Armani suit and began to walk through the streets of San Fransokyo.

"Mr Hamada, where are you going!" Ms Lemon called after him but couldn't keep up with his pace. So she had to text him directions. Tadashi hadn't walked the streets of Fransokyo in years so surely he'd forgotten his way.

She sighed as she got back into the black rover and drove off.


Tadashi casually walked through Fransokyo like a breeze. Of course earning a few odd looks from members of the public and people shouting rude remarks about his campaign at him.

This didn't bother him, but he decided to take a back alley route to avoid more publicity about his humiliating interview.

He passed many old abandoned buildings before he looked down an alley and saw a young boy with dark shaggy hair about to collide with him.

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