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"look at that face
i don't ever want to let you down."


- a month later

brad held my hand, giving it a gentle, reassuring squeeze as i followed him into a restaurant where his bandmates were, this being the first time i was properly meeting them all, as well as tristan's fiancé, anastasia.

my stomach fluttered as we walked in, and noticed all of the others already sat a table.

they looked up, seeing brad and i, and anastasia immediately got up from her seat and came over to me, pulling me into a hug and smiling, "hey gorgeous! i'm anastasia."

"hey." i smiled, "i'm georgia." i introduced, before all of the boys came up to me and introduced themselves and hugged me as well.

when we all sat down, i was in between brad and anastasia, tristan opposite her, connor opposite me, and james opposite brad.

bouncing my knee under the table nervously, i began to talk to anastasia, getting to know her and tristan, and i felt a warm palm on my thigh, brad's hand gently pushing my leg down so i'd stop bouncing it, him relaxing me slightly as his fingers softly traced up and down my inner-thigh.

"so, georgia, i've got a question.." i heard, and i looked to james who had a smirk on his lips, worrying me slightly, "what's he like in bed?"

"james." brad groaned, his hand moving a little higher up my leg, and i giggled at the question.

"a lady never tells." i grinned playfully, james smirking at my answer.

"come on." james teased.

"shut up james, just because you're jealous that brad isn't dating you." connor joked, all six of us laughing lightly.

"what can i say." james grinned, dropping the question, all of us just continuing to talk, me getting to know them all as the evening went on, brad resting his hand on my thigh whenever he had the chance.

i stood up, brad's hand resting on my bum as he looked up to me with a slight questioning glance, to check i was alright, and i nodded, smiling at him at how he was openly able to show me affection and be protective, without smothering me.

"you look amazing." he mouthed to me and i blushed lightly, smiling and thanking him.

"so do you." i said quietly to him, before quickly going to the toilet.

after hugging everyone goodbye, and me getting all of their phone numbers, brad and i got into a taxi to take us back to his, the others all making their own ways home.

when brad and i got home, we both sat on the sofa, his arm wrapping around my waist, "did you have fun?"

"i did, thank you, brad." i smiled, "they're hilarious, they seem really nice."

"yeah, they loved you. you've got the same sense of humour as all of them, and they think you're really nice. anastasia loves you as well." brad said and i couldn't help a smile from curving my lips up.

"thank you." i leant up to kiss him softly.

"i love you." he whispered, and i noticed nervousness immediately cloud his features once he'd realised what he'd said.

"i love you, too." i smiled, a grin lighting up his face as i ran my fingers through his hair.

"come on, let's go to bed." brad stood up, after i yawned, grabbing my hand and lacing our fingers as he lead me up to his bedroom, the two of us quickly getting ready for bed.

"goodnight, princess. sleep well." brad mumbled, pulling my front to his as we lay on our sides, facing each other, one of his arms over my waist.

"g'night brad." i smiled sleepily, closing my arms and falling asleep quickly, warm and content.

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