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"i'm lovestruck."


- two weeks later

i walked into the hotel lobby with brad, my hand clasped in his, me in the hoody he was wearing on the flight, that he'd given to me as it was warm and smelt of him, and i was happily snuggled up in it.

we checked in at reception, then walked to the lift, taking our stuff up to our room and leaving it in there, before brad and i met up with the guys and some of the crew in the bar, the time just after 11pm.

"here's to another sick tour." brad grinned, raising his glass, the rest of us all doing the same, as brad slipped his arm around my waist.

we all chatted and joked for about an hour, me gradually getting more tired, until i yawned and rested my head on brad's shoulder momentarily, "i'm gonna go up, i'll see you in a bit." i said quietly to brad, and finished my drink.

"alright, babe, i'll be up in a bit." brad said, his hand that was around my waist moving down to my bum as i stood up, and he gave it a little squeeze.

"see you tomorrow, night guys." i smiled, slipping my phone into my pocket alongside the room key, and they all replied with something along the lines of, 'night' or 'see you', and i received a load of smiles before i walked away.

i went up to mine and brad's hotel room and went into the bathroom to wash my face, before i undressed down to just pants and put on an oversized t-shirt, that probably once belonged to brad.

i sat in bed for about twenty minutes, on my phone, until brad walked in, him undressing down to just boxers, then getting into bed with me and slipping his arms around my waist and pulling my front to his, and i smiled, cuddling up to him as he leant forwards to press a gentle kiss to my lips.

"g'night, i love you." i said, closing my eyes and resting the side of my head on the pillow, facing him.

"i love you too. sleep well." brad said softly, the two of us fairly tired after travelling all day, and falling asleep quickly.


i woke up, brad still asleep next to me, his lips parted slightly as his chest rose and fell.

"brad." i mumbled, leaning forwards to kiss him quickly, to wake him.

"brad." i whined again when he refused to open his eyes, clearly still half asleep.

with a giggle, i grabbed one of the pillows and wacked him with it, him groaning, but sitting straight up when i wacked him again, and he immediately grabbed the pillow from my hands and pinned me down so that i was laying on my back, him hovering over me.

grabbing the pillow i'd just been holding, brad lightly hit me with it, the two of us laughing.

"stop." i giggled, sighing with relief when he put the pillow down, but i squealed when he began tickling me, knowing how ticklish i was.

"brad!" i yelled, but couldn't stop laughing as his fingers danced over my stomach, a smirk on his lips.

"please, brad, oh my god." i giggled uncontrollably, and he finally stopped, my breathing heavy as i smiled, him leaning down to gently press a kiss to my lips.

he lay down next to me, wrapping an arm around my waist, so i took my chance to straddle his waist, taking my turn now to sit on his stomach.

brad placed one hand on my waist, the other resting on his chest as he gazed up at me, mumbling, "you're so pretty."

"shut up." i giggled playfully, leaning down to kiss him.


brad opened our hotel room door, tiredly saying, "georgia." before collapsing onto the bed next to me, laying on his front, his face buried in the pillows, mumbling, "my back aches." his voice muffled.

i took his shirt off him with his help, and i moved and sat on his lower back, as i lightly pressed my hands into his warm, toned shoulders, carefully working my fingertips into his skin, and after a minute, he fell relaxed as i massaged him.

i began to lightly trace shapes on his back with my fingertips, his body becoming completely still, his face snuggled deeply into the cushions, as i ran my fingers through his hair, playing with the ends in a way i knew he adored.

i got off brad and lay next to him, him softly mumbling, "thank you." with a very sleepy smile, and i smiled lightly as he pulled me to lay closer to him, his arms wrapping around my waist as he pulled my front to his.

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