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"you can rest your love on me."


- two months later

"we're nearly here." brad said, and i looked across at him with a smile, the two of us in his car, him driving us to his parents' house, this being my first time meeting them.

"i'm nervous." i blushed lightly.

"don't be." brad placed his hand on my thigh and gave it a little reassuring squeeze, "they'll love you."

"i hope so." i mumbled with a little giggle, and we just talked for the next few minutes, until he pulled up onto his parents' driveway.

"bradley!" his mum opened the door before we'd even knocked on it, and she immediately pulled her son into a hug.

"hi, georgia. you look gorgeous." his mum gushed, smiling at me, "i'm anne."

"thank you." i smiled back and she hugged me as well.

"how are you, guys?" she asked.

"we're good thanks, mum." brad gently grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the stairs, "we'll just take our stuff upstairs, then we'll be back down in a minute." he lead me upstairs and to his old bedroom, both of us placing our bags down.

i cupped brad's face and pulled his lips to mine, his hands holding my waist and pulling my front closer to his.

"i love you." he mumbled against my lips.

"i love you too." i smiled, and began to walk out of his old bedroom, him following me as i went down the stairs.

brad lead me into the kitchen where his mum was just finishing the cooking, and he comfortingly placed his palm on the small of my back to reassure me, knowing i was a bit nervous.

"do you want any help?" i offered.

"i'm okay for now, thanks darling. if you could help me bring the dishes out in a couple of minutes, that'd be great, though, thank you." she smiled to me, and brad directed me into the living room, where his dad and sister were sat.

natalie got up to hug her brother, and she then hugged me, the two of us introducing ourselves, before i sat down on the sofa, next to brad, as we both talked to his dad and sister for a few minutes, me getting to know them a little, until i went to the kitchen to help his mum bring the food out.

brad and i were sat next to each other, me opposite his mum and him opposite his sister, his dad at the head of the table next to the two of them.

during the meal, i relaxed a little as i got to know brad's family, and they seemed pretty happy and chilled, and once we'd finished our food, brad gently placed his palm on my thigh as we sat at the table, to reassure me.

we all went into the living room, watching tv for a short while, before all having a drink and a chat, playing a couple of games and laughing a load, me getting to know them further.

"night, guys." brad's mum said softly as we went upstairs, at about midnight.

"night." brad replied with a smile towards his parents.

"goodnight. thank you for letting me stay." i smiled to her.

"you're more than welcome, darling. sleep well." she said, before i followed brad into his room and closed the door behind me.

after undressing just down to one of brad's tshirts and a pair of my pants, brad just in his boxers, i clambered into his bed with him and cuddled up to him.

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