Chapter 2- See You Later

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Chapter 2

See You Later

Bella's P.O.V.

I sat in the cafeteria with Alice and Rose and shot daggers at Edward from across the room. As usual, he left our table to go hang out with the rest of Tanya's cheerleading team.

Rose rolled her eyes at him. "I can't even believe that he would want to hang out with her," Rose sneered at her name.

"Me neither. Such a jerk!" Alice agreed.

"Who? Tanya or Edward?" I growled angrily.

"Both!" Alice and Rose said together.

Jasper walked by the table and waved to Rose, shooting a smile at Alice.

Alice swooned.

"Hey! That's my brother!" Rose joked. "Who is dying to ask you out." She added.

I nodded.

Alice scoffed. "Right."

Rose and I shared a look and then giggled.

"It's be easier to get a dog to date a cat than get you two together." Rose laughed.

Both Alice and I giggled and we all got up as the bell rang.

I sighed as I headed to my locker to grab my chemistry book. I passed Tanya by the lobby, talking to one of the other cheerleaders.

"Wow Tanya, I wish I could be like you! I mean you even have a boyfriend who buys you expensive things!" Bree Tanner sighed.

"That's the only reason I'm dating him!"

I inwardly growled. She was just using my best friend for his money! Wait till I tell Edward...


I walked around campus until I finally spotted the familiar bronze hair around the corner.

"Edward! Wait up!" I shouted as I ran to catch up to him. He slowed his pace as I arrived and I sucked in a big breath.

"Edward o have something to tell you."

"Why? You're speaking to me again?!"

"That's not fair! You're the one that blew me off and know you're mad at me?"

"Just get on with it!"

"Fine!" I spat, eyes gleaming with anger. "I heard Tanya say that she's just using you. That she's only dating you for your money."

He face softened but then hardened again. "What do you think I am, stupid? Wow Bella, I can't believe you're so jealous of Tanya that you would just lie to my face! I thought we were friends!"

"You know what? I guess we're not friends because a true friend would believe me! they wouldn't yell or lie!" Angry tears spilled as I screamed at him before turning quickly and walking away.

Before I could regain balance though, I tripped and was falling head first into the ground.

Normally Edward would've caught me but he didn't this time. I crashed into the ground, my head pounding.

Blackness engulfed me and it was becoming hard to hold on.

All around me there was shouting but all it did was increase the pain that was intensified.

More black dots invaded my vision until I just let go, and let the blackness swallow me.


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