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i think it's pretty self explanatory

about why i haven't talked much

due to these emotions

that can drive me wild

i hate talking about myself

about how my grades fair so well

not actually about how i feel

it's something they don't do


i used to talk a lot, usually to my friends about school, but hardly ever to my parents. not really.

however now, i don't talk to my parents about problems at all, maybe i hint it sometimes but

they are oblivious of it. don't get me wrong, i am extremely grateful to my parents and people

who surround me daily, as without them, i would not experience what i will be able to see today

it is just that i don't really feel a need to talk unless it is important. and this poem is about how

sometimes i just really feel very down due to the subjects around me.

thank you for reading! have a nice day

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