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hello! welcome to this book if you ever come across this. for quite some time, i have really enjoyed expressing thoughts through writing. my writing is however, not very good i suppose as i am only 14 years if age. forgive me so, for i am learning. i hope you will find these poems interesting or exciting really.

for a start, i really do not know how to introduce myself, but i shall start by saying that these poems that i have written are probably about either harry styles, some song lyrics (to analyse it) and maybe some random stuff or things that i have been through personally.

i really do not want to make it all about me as... come on reading about me is just boring and i don't really want to make you feel bad as you came here for something probably related to harry styles, which i understand, he's perfect .

to cut things short, i really hope that you can relate to my poems in any way possible and always have a great day ahead of you!

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