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i  don't like the word "hate"

"hate" is too strong of a word to use

i will never use against others

i promise

but i only fear using it for myself

i can't stop it

i never will be able to

i hate the way i look

i hate my weight

i hate my perspectives on things

i hate not being able to help

i hate how people might think of me

i hate

i hate

i hate

i hate... being me

i'm so confused

between what's right and wrong

i'm so exhausted

to have to constantly be indecisive

i'm so stressed

so i decide to keep it in

and scream in my mind

a horrid mind

filled with never ending spaces to aid

so they won't hear me

they won't hear my endless cries for help

i hate

i hate

i hate

but i will

one day

choose to love

have a great day!

treat people with kindness

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