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unfaithful metes

shattered glass beneath my feet

drips down the walls

blood cascading down the halls

death curling screams

only in my dreams

dancing pairs

lungs choked with air

hard to breathe

difficult to swim

what have i done to you

my one and only

never ending tortures

just to wake up with you

only to realise

that you were scared of me

i have decided to bring back explanations!


he thinks that he loves her by hitting her whenever she did something wrong or something he doesn't please. only to "comfort" her after that and for her to cower in fear and move away from him as far as possible.

actually, he was just plainly obsessed with her, the more time he spent with her, the crazier he gets with her.

only to find out that one day she disappeared, and only for him to realize that what he did was wrong and it wasn't even love, it was torture

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