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dedicated to poptartlondonstyles

i know that this particular user is no longer writing their story, however i wanted to do a poem for it and how i hope it ends or continue, as one might say. i hope this is not stealing as the characters names are used in this. i do not intend to steal anyone's story and hope that if ever they come across this, they will like it (chances are slim)


she is not one that slumbers

she pounders

hand in hand

with the one who conquers


oh how she wishes

the delicate flowers he chosen

would be placed in her hair

when she said "how i wish you were here"


he aches just for her partiality

his inner desire

to be held once more by her

and to live with is conqueror


oh how so he yearns

for her to love

just a slight touch

and he will be content

but no, she doesn't even utter a word

instead, tears, endless tears stream once more

how heartbroken could he be

to see an angel cry

right in front of his merciless eyes

that displays no heart

a mind

ever so wicked

so selfish

to keep her all to himself

was this true love

or just an obsession?

No Explanation

this is one of my favorite stories in here, i actually have seen the cover of this book many times but put it off frequently, however when i finally read it, i could feel the writer's hard work and dedication put into this book and how they spent their time wisely on every detail. my writing style is actually very inspired from them. however i do know that they are no longer writing due to financial issues, my heart is with them, hope they are well.

thank you for reading! have a nice day

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