Sorry i still love my ex

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You somehow always talk with seven on the chatroom it's weird he's always online isn't he a hacker? Well your one but your lazy and slack off a lot

707: so y/n?"


707: what did you do today?

"Killed a few people robbed a bank you know the normal."

707: I like your humour

"Why thank you I know I am funny."

707: Oh your almost as adorable as Elly

"Thank you."

707: your welcome

"But I'm not interesting in dating so don't try."

707: why not?

"Well I still love my ex boyfriend and all."

707: I see but how was your day?


707: question who is your ex?

"He's dead so who cares. but I should get back to work see ya seven."

707: see ya y/n

Y/n has left the chatroom

You got your computer and worked until you got a message from Yoosung asking you to come over

You get up and walk over

~time skip~

You open the front door and you hear yoosug talking to someone

"You probably haven't meet my sister."

"I'm right here."

You look over to see a guy with a hoodie on and the hood was up

"Hi I'm y/n Kim who are you?"


"Hiya seven nice to meet you." You say as you give him a fake smile

*why is her smile fake?*

"Anyways I can't stay long I came here to drop off food and hangout for a bit I needed a break from work."

"What do you work as?" Seven asks

"Uh, it's nothing that would interest you."

~time skip~

You had to go back to work but you ended up playing LOLOL

"Hacker girl is back."

"Sis I don't understand why your name is hacker girl."

"It makes people fear me more."


You and Yoosung play LOLOL until you get a job request

"Sorry I gotta go Yoosung."

"K bye."

The person went by the name Luciel

"Hello y/n how do I know your name? Oh let's say I do and I know everything about you this isn't a job request more like me trying to reconnect with you so meet me at the park later in the night you'll know when."

*what the heck is this? Whatever I'll meet this Luciel person but if I get kidnapped maybe I'll send a message to Yoosung and I'll tell him where I'm going............No he may follow me and I can't have him find out I'm a hacker*

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