Ferris Bueller Imagine

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Disclaimer: I have not written in literally forever, school starts in a week so I probably won't be writing for another eternity, and this may suck because I literally don't know how to write anything besides essays anymore. I hope you enjoy this, it's inspired by a prompt I saw on Pinterest. Also, it's really cheese and a little cringey at parts but I did get kind of into this one so I hope you guys like it!!

Ferris Bueller was full of surprises. He was a charming and charismatic boy who had a taste for trouble and a smile that could get him out of it.

I'd grown up across the street from him and had been what I would call pretty close friends with him. We'd spent many afternoons at one another's houses, messing around and getting into trouble. Well, it was more like Ferris was the one getting into trouble while I tried to avoid it, though somehow I almost always managed to get sucked into his schemes.

I was around the age of fourteen when I first began to realize I had growing romantic feelings for Ferris. But rather than choosing to act on them, I pushed them as far away as I could and locked them up in fear of ruining my friendship with him. This also happened around the time Sloane Peterson showed up into our lives and stole Ferris away from me.
Sloane was a nice girl, but the resentment I felt towards her for stealing my best friend was strong. But still, instead of trying to talk to Ferris about what I was feeling, I ignored my thoughts and went to find a new best friend.

Nobody could replace Ferris, that was very obvious when I began to seek the halls of our school for his replacement. He was just too unique to find anybody just like him, so I began to look for the opposite of him, and that's how I found Cameron Frye.

Cameron Frye was a bit of loner. He didn't have many friends and was very quiet and often spent his lunch alone in the library studying. That's when I decided he was the perfect candidate for my new best friend.

I sat next to him one day and we just sort of clicked. We didn't have to talk much to each other, well, if I'm being honest, most of the time we spent together was in silence, but it worked for both of us. There was never a need for us to fill the silence when we were together, we just were able to be with one another and have that be enough. The only thing was that when Sloane broke up with Ferris, he came crawling right back to me.

As soon as Ferris was back in my life, things got a little complicated. On one hand, all the feelings I had pushed away had come flooding back, and on the other hand, Cameron did not seem to be a big fan of Ferris. Despite the fact that Ferris and I were complete opposites and still got along fine most of the time, Cameron and Ferris always seemed to be butting heads. I couldn't of abandoned either of them for the other because they were both my friends, but man, it was so annoying to be around them at first. Eventually though, they did manage to find a balance where they got along a majority of the time and everything in my life was completely okay.

Except it wasn't.

Having all my feelings for Ferris come flooding back was hard because I had absolutely no idea how to deal with them. And Ferris could definitely tell something was up.

Honestly, it didn't take him long to figure out I liked him in a more-than-a-friend way. My face always got red, my hands were always sweating, and I stumbled over my words when talking to him, all of the classic crush symptoms. He was okay with it though, in fact, he told me the feelings were mutual and the whole reason he started dating Sloane was to try and get rid of them, which didn't work. This resulted in us suddenly becoming an item, which was weird and different, but just felt right.


Flash forward to two months into being what we considered an "official couple," we went out on our first official date. Even though Ferris acted a little bit juvenile at times, when I imagined our first date, I did not expect this. Laser tag just was not the typical scene for two romantically involved teens and their third wheeling best friend.

"Okay Y/N, are you ready to get your ass kicked?" Ferris smirks down at me as we waited outside of the room where the game is played. The teams were made randomly, with me and Cameron being kn one together and Ferris in the opposite, along with a couple of strangers to keep the teams even.

"You wish, Bueller. If anyone's getting their ass kicked, it's you." I narrow my eyes at Ferris, trying to make myself seem intimidating.

Suddenly, it was time to go in. They let Ferris' team into the room first, allowing them to spread out a bit before letting my team follow.

Cameron and I look at each other, "Let's show Bueller how it's done." I say and he nods as we split up to hunt Ferris down.

I creep throughout the maze they have set up, straining my eyes in the darkness for Ferris or any of his team members. Out of the corner of my eye, I see something move; but before I have a chance to shoot, a person grabs me and pins me up against the wall, causing me to drop my laser gun in the process.

"Finally, we're alone."

I groan as I recognize the voice as Ferris', and I try to break free and grab my gun. "Let me go, this is against the rules."

"Ah, but what's the fun in playing by the rules? After all, what's the point of having rules if nobody breaks them?" He states casually, feigning innocence.

"You little-" I start to say, but Ferris cuts me off by pressing his lips to mine.

Suddenly, I'm dizzy. My knees are weak and my mind is spinning. Oh my God, Ferris is kissing me right now. I kiss him back and feel him start to wrap an arm around waist.

But as quickly as the kiss started, it's over and the next thing I know is my vest beeps as if I'd been shot. Ferris just smiles and whispers, "Gotcha," before running off into the maze.

And I stand there, light headed and dumb founded by the idiotic genius who had the nerve to kiss me then shoot me.

I want to try and crank out some imagines before school starts so I can post them sporadically throughout the year, so if you have any prompts or ideas you want to see, PLEASE TELL ME!! That's what I've been struggling most with when writing because we don't do anything creative in school so I've kind of lost my groove. If you comment ideas, it'll help me a ton. Thank you all for all the support though, I really appreciate it!!

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