80's Imagines by cherry-pez
80's Imaginesby ⇢ Hannah ⇠
Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it → Ferris Bueller
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80s/90s Imagines & Preferences by unexpectedsong
80s/90s Imagines & Preferencesby women are powerful.
In which I write preferences and imagines for the eighties and nineties.
  • toysoldiers
  • actors
  • ferrisbueller
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Joey Trotta fanfic by trippy-_-hippie
Joey Trotta fanficby trippy-_-hippie
Joey Trotta fanfic, it goes by the movie.
  • toysoldiers
  • billytepper
  • fanfiction
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80s imagines and preferences by wordsofafangirl
80s imagines and preferencesby Taylor
Just a set of 80s preferences and imagines that hopefully y'all will enjoy!
  • lostboys
  • outsiders
  • 80s
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Rejects {80s & 90s imagines + preferences} by snowdrop1647
Rejects {80s & 90s imagines + √MelancholyHoe√
Yo, what's going on dudes? Feel free to leave requests on my request page. I hope you enjoy this set of imagines and other excellent things, I am a proud 80s and 90s lov...
  • coreyhaim
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Eighties ➢ Gif Series ✔ by acid-queen
Eighties ➢ Gif Series ✔by ᏆhᎬ ᎶᎽᏢsᎽ
❝GOONIES NEVER SAY DIE!❞ ⤵ The book in which there are imagines about you and your favorite 80's and sometimes 90's actor, band member, or character. I don't own the ch...
  • wesleycrusher
  • tomcurise
  • thegoonies
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Toy Soldiers Preferences by Daddy_Kermit
Toy Soldiers Preferencesby Kill Me Painfully
Preferences will include: -Billy -Joey -Snuffy -Ricky -Hank -Yogurt
  • billytepper
  • joeytrotta
  • toysoldiers
80s•90s Imagines by -xotillweoverdose
80s•90s Imaginesby 🛥️BoAts & HOeS 🕳️
Aye!!! Hope you guys enjoy! Much love, X'O
  • 80smovies
  • lucas
  • toysoldiers
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Meet My Ocs by unexpectedsong
Meet My Ocsby women are powerful.
❝ OH MY GOD THIS IS SO SAD! ❞ [in which you meet my ocs!] [cover art: theatre of shakespeare by gustav klimt]
  • meet
  • coreyhaim
  • joeytrotta
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Pretend; Toy Soldiers by windigowalker
Pretend; Toy Soldiersby winwalkyo
pre·tend prəˈtend/ verb 1. speak and act so as to make it appear that something is the case when in fact it is not.
  • stuffy
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  • joeytrotta
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Stay Gold ♥ 80s gif sieres ♥ by _bulltrue_
Stay Gold ♥ 80s gif sieres ♥by •Hoe•
80s gif imagines pretty much :) and maybe adding imagines
  • wattys2017
  • thelostboys
  • standbyme
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80s/90s imagines  💌 by Nosfer-achoo
80s/90s imagines 💌by ℜose
A new book for all your 80s/90s imagines and preferences including your favorite actors, actresses, characters, and celebrity personnel. Requests are open as of Septembe...
  • actors
  • heathers
  • sixteencandles
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salvatore [trotta] DISCONTINUED  by brattyslytherin
salvatore [trotta] DISCONTINUED by art of controversy
He was a dangerous man with regret of what he had become, but with a big lust towards a precocious young girl who all she wanted was fun.
  • joeytrotta
  • 90s
  • seanastin
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in love  //80s by -CALENTINE
in love //80sby A💫
"Never fall in love. You just won't like it." • This is a book filled with gif imagines, imgines, and prefrences about your favorite 80's actors (and maybe act...
  • roblowe
  • joeytrotta
  • keanureeves
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Bad Reputation » Toy Soldiers (1991) by videonasty
Bad Reputation » Toy Soldiers ( nostalgic bitch
emmy tepper's brilliant plan to ruin her brother's life comes at a cost - using snuffy bradberry as the scapegoat! [toy soldiers 1991] [Jonathan 'Snuffy' Bradberry]
  • coreyhaim
  • jonathanbradberry
  • wilwheaton
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Rebuff«»Joey Trotta by nowheremans
Rebuff«»Joey Trottaby Multifandom-est
SLOW UPDATES " Joey, you dumb whore," " What?" "They have you the chance to leave, why didn't you?" "I wouldn't leave without you, I m...
  • snuffy
  • toysoldiers
  • regishighschool
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The Girl Next Door | Joey Trotta  by unexpectedsong
The Girl Next Door | Joey Trotta by women are powerful.
❝ HOW CAN I IGNORE THE GIRL NEXT DOOR? I LOVE HER MORE THAN I CAN SAY. ❞ [joey trotta x oc] [book 2/2] [completed 1/8/18]
  • wheaton
  • toysoldiers
  • joey
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Joey trotta imagines! by brettesimagines
Joey trotta imagines!by brettesimagines
Just some joey trotta imagines for you guys!
  • toysoldiersimagines
  • toysoldiers
  • joeytrotta
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'80s/'90s imagines by willwheaton
'80s/'90s imaginesby sky :)
(requests are closed) dedicated to the thirsty girls that love eighties and nineties boys as much as i do. enjoy! -willwheaton
  • thelostboys
  • 80smovies
  • theoutsiders
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You → b.t. (Sequal to "Good Girl") by daddysean
You → b.t. (Sequal to "Good Girl")by Aesthetic 80s
"How long can I stay?" "As long as you want."
  • 1991
  • toysoldiers
  • seanastin
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