Corey Haim Imagine (Sad)

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March 10, 2010, 2:07 am
I sat on the couch, scrolling through Google while The Lost Boys played on the TV. Occasionally, I'd glance up whenever Sam Emerson spoke, catching glimpses of the actor Corey Haim's beautiful blue eyes. I sigh, closing my laptop in defeat. Tumblr was extremely dead at the moment and I couldn't find any pictures of Corey that fit well in the collage I had been working on. You see, I'm one of those random people on Tumblr who make cool little edits on occasion and is seemingly "popular." I'm not super great, but my followers seemed to enjoy my fangirling and edits, especially the Corey Haim ones. I enjoyed it too though. I had been a big fan of Corey Haim since I was 11 when I first saw Lucas. He's been such a big inspiration to me and something about watching his movies and interviews comforted me. It's weird how people you barely know can be easier to connect with than people you've known your whole life. I would know. I'm a very shy, introverted girl and don't connect with people easily, that's just who I am. But when I met Corey, it was different. It was about a year before and I went to a meetup he and the cast of Dream a Little Dream were having for the 20th anniversary. My parents almost didn't let me go, since they thought it was silly obsessing over an actor, but eventually gave in after I stated the fact I was nearly eighteen years old and could take care of myself. They even helped chip in so I could personally meet the cast one-on-one! That day was one I will never forget. I had stepped into the room where I would get to meet the boy I obsessed over for six years, and my breath had became short and quick. It was actually happening. I slowly walked up to Corey Haim and introduced myself, holding out my hand. He ignored it and pulled me in for a big hug, and can I just say, he gave amazing hugs. We both sat down on the two chairs that were set up and just talked. I asked him questions and he asked me some too. He really made me feel comfortable and I found it extremely easy to open up to him, it was like he was an older brother to me, even though a barely knew him. As our time came to a close, he gave me a big hug and whispered sweet things in my ear, and that he hoped to see me again sometime in the near future.
My face brightened a bit at the memory and I open my laptop to look at the pictures that were taken that day. Suddenly, a message had appeared in my email from an anonymous user, all it contained was a link. Curiosity got the best of me as clicked on the link, and my heart clinches when I read the headline. "Child Actor Corey Haim, 38, Pronounced Dead at 2:15 AM." Disbelief and denial flood my veins as I read the article. It had to be some sort of sick joke. Corey couldn't be dead!
I quickly open another tab and type the three words I hoped I'd never have to type: Corey Haim death. Articles pop up on the screen and I click the first one, soaking in all the words. This wasn't happening, it wasn't possible. Corey Haim wasn't dead and this is all just some screwed up joke of someones. But it wasn't. I power off my laptop and stare at the blank screen, half expecting to see something that tells me Corey is still alive, but slam it close and toss it aside. My knees shake as I stand up and walk to the bathroom, squinting against the harsh light that was in there. I lean onto the sink and hold my head in my hands, my heels digging into my eyes to keep me from crying. After standing hunched over like this for who know how long, I looked up at the mirror. My reflection stares at me tauntingly, as if they were a completely different person and found Corey's death was something hilarious. Angrily, I slam my hands down on the counter as the tears start to fill my eyes. My legs give out on me and I fall to the floor, letting out a cry of anguish. I curl up into a ball and start to sob loudly, yelling the words, "Please, wake up!" over and over again. But it was no use, Corey was gone, and it felt as if apart of me were too.

(River Phoenix and Jonathan Brandis versions of this coming soon)

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