Johnny Cade Imagine

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You walked down the familiar path to the Curtis' home. You were walking all alone, since your older brother Dally had ran ahead of you. But you didn't mind, you enjoyed being able to enjoy the peace and quiet while daydreaming about Johnny Cade, your crush since the first grade.
You put one foot in front of the other and played with your hair absentmindedly, wondering if you'd see Johnny today. He normally hung out with Dally and Ponyboy, his two best friends, and you'd get to tag along on occasion. You stopped in front of someone's from yard, looking into the reflection of one of their windows. You tried to fix your hair so it looked nicer, incase you saw Johnny. After a few minutes in front of the window, a red mustang pulled up behind you. "Shit." You muttered under your breath. You turned on your heel and started heading toward the Curtis' house, running as fast as you could. But you were no match for the four Soc's that were hot on your tail.
One with light brown hair tackled you to the ground. "What's a pretty young lady like you doing out here all alone?"
You screamed for help, but another Soc with blonde hair put his hand over your mouth. "Shut up and we'll promise to make this quick." He said, pulling out a switchblade. Your eyes widened at the sight of it and you struggled against the two holding you down. Tears rushed out of your eyes as he brought it to the side of your face and lightly traced your jaw with it. The cool metal felt threatening against your skin. You fought with all your might to get free, only to feel a sharp pain in your temple.
"Stop struggling you little bitch!" One of the Soc's yelled at you. You stopped fighting against them and closed your eyes, waiting for the pain to come. You felt your shirt slowly being pulled up as their blade slowly dug into the exposed skin of your abdomen. You bit your lip hard as the pain rushed over you and tears flowed out of your eyes. Then suddenly, it stopped. The blade was gone along with the guys holding you down.
A hand grabbed yours and a voice whispered in your ear, "Shh, Riley, it's gonna be alright." You opened your eyes and came face to face with none other than the Johnny Cade. He slowly pulled you up and you looked around to see your brother and a few other Greasers beating up the Soc's who had jumped you.
"Can you walk?" Johnny asked you. You shook your head and he looked into your eyes. "Alright, this may hurt a bit, but I'm gonna carry you."
Slowly, he lifted you up bridal style, and you winced at the pain. He brought his lips to your ear and whispered comforting things all the way to the Curtis' house. Once you got there, he set you down lightly on the couch and ran to get first aid supplies. He came back a few minutes later and patched up where the Soc's left their mark on you.
"Looks like you're feeling better, I should probably, uh, go find Dally and the others. Let them know you're okay." He went to stand up, but you grabbed his hand.
"Please stay." You whispered softly, desperate to have this alone time with Johnny.
"Okay." He said, sitting down on the coffee table. He grabbed your hand and rubbed circles on it with his thumb. You both sat like that in silence for a few minutes before Johnny broke it. "Riley?"
"Yeah?" You opened your eyes and looked at him.
"This may not be the best time to tell you, but should know, that I uh, that I like you. A lot." He said nervously.
A smile grew across your face. "I like you too, Johnny."
His face brightened up, "Really? Cause I always thought you were into Pony."
You chuckled.
"Well, since we both know how we feel about each other, would you maybe wanna try going out on date sometime?" He asked you.
"Sure." You smiled at him.
His grin grew wider and he looked you in the eyes. "Okay!" He said happily, as he kissed your hand.

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