Jonathan Brandis Imagine

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It was fourth period, math, your favorite class. You walked down and sat in your assigned seat, next to a certain kid who goes by the name of Jonathan Brandis. Now, Jonathan was a bit a of a jerky guy. He was nice when he wanted to be, but a complete and utter asshole any other time. His sweet yet sour reputation brought girls crawling at his feet, only to be shooed away by him. He was the type of guy who wanted what he couldn't have. Like you. And you were the type of girl who tried not to waste your time on boys like Jonathan, but couldn't help but sneak short glances at his beautiful blue eyes. You plopped down next to him and set down your stuff, waiting for the bell to ring and the teacher to start class, so you could get out of talking to Jonathan. He leaned over and poked your shoulder. "Y/N."
You sat there and ignored him, twisting your pencil around in your hands.
"Y/N." He whined, poking you again.
You rolled your eyes and turned to him. "What is it Bra-" The bell cut you off and you snapped your head back to the front of the classroom, waiting for the teacher to give instructions for the day.
"Today we will be having a test on everything you've learned for the unit. You are not allowed to use your notes on this, but you may use a calculator." Your teacher said as she handed out papers. You panicked slightly. The math test had totally slipped your mind last night and you had forgotten to study. You took deep breaths to keep from shaking and to stay focused. The teacher handed you your paper and you started immediately, scribbling down formulas on the side of the paper before they could slip your mind.
The beginning of the test was simple, but as you got towards the end, the questions made less sense. You ran a hand through your hair and tapped your foot, struggling to remember your notes. Suddenly, you felt hot breath against your neck and looked over to see Jonathan staring at your paper.
"Jonathan!" You whisper yelled, "Stop copying off my paper!" How dare he try and cheat off of you!
He looked up and made eye contact with you and you felt your breath shorten as you stared into his eyes.
"Relax Y/N," He said softly, "I'm just trying to make sure you didn't make any mistakes." He stated calmly.
You felt your face grow hot with anger as he said that. Seriously, who does he think he is? Acting like he's helping when you just knew he was just using you to cheat.
"I didn't make any mistakes, Brandis, so back off." You growled under your breath, covering your paper with your hand.
"Are you sure? Cause I'm positive I saw one." He smirked at you and your heart jumped. What if he was right? What if you did make a mistake and it screwed up the quiz? You hadn't gotten anything lower than an A and you sure as hell weren't about to start.
"W-Which one?" You turned your eyes back to your paper, hoping this would make it less obvious you were getting help from the boy next to you.
He casually and subtly pointed to the section where your first and last name were written, "That one."
Confusion flooded through your veins the second he said that. Did you misspell your name? Oh gosh, that'd be so embarrassing if you did. You scanned the letters, and they were all exactly how they should be. He must've pointed at the wrong part of the paper. You glanced up at him and saw him sitting there with an expecting look on his face.
"Well? Are you gonna fix it or what?" He stared at you, waiting for an answer.
"What do you mean?" You raised an eyebrow and looked at him, your eyes searching for an answer in his.
He scoffed and rolled his eyes. "You misspelled your last name, idiot."
Anger and shock flooded your body. He did not just say that. You stared daggers into him and started mumbling a string of not so nice words at him. This only amused him as he smirked at you.
"I didn't misspell my own name." You stated, dropping your pencil on the desk and clenching your fists.
"Pretty sure you did." He smiled at you, watching you try and control your anger. 
"Oh really? Then how is my last name really spelt?"
He chuckled and opened his mouth to speak when a voice cut him off.
"Ms. Y/L/N and Mr. Brandis! Down to the detention hall, right this instant. And bring me your tests!"
Oh crap.
"But Mrs. Walsh!" You cried out.
"No buts, Y/N. Bring me your test and march yourself down to the detention hall. If you don't, I will fail you both."
Grumbling, you stood up and dragged yourself to the front of the room, Jonathan trailing behind you. The whole class stared at you as you walked out of the classroom with the boy who got you into this mess following behind like a lost puppy.
"Looks like we get to skip class now, babe." You could almost hear the smirk in his voice.
"Oh no, don't you dare call me babe. I am not your babe, nor will I ever be!" You said, walking fastly, hoping he'd slow down and stay away from you.
But of course, it wasn't that simple. He jogged to keep up with you. "C'mon baby, we can work this out." His arm slid around your waist.
You pushed him away from you immediately. "Don't touch me, don't talk to me, don't even look at me."
"I'll do what I want. And just out of curiosity, do you even know your way to the detention hall? I mean you don't even know how to spell you last name."
You spun around on your heel so you were facing him. "I know how to spell my last name." You stated, crossing your arms in front of your chest.
"Sure didn't look like it." He said casually, sticking his hands in his pockets.
"Oh really? Then how was I supposed to spell it?" You stood there impatiently, watching as a smile grew across him face.
"B-R-A-N-D-I-S." He spelled out, stepping closer to you.
Your mouth made an "O" shape as you stared at him in shock. Did he really just say that? You quickly snapped back into your senses and brought your face close to his. "You wish." You said before swiftly turning around, trying to head to your destination. But Jonathan wouldn't allow that. He grabbed your hand and pulled you close to him, his lips bruising yours ever so slightly. He pulled himself away from you and smirked. "No, you wish." He smiled and walked past you, leaving you dumbfounded with the taste of his lips lingering on yours.

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