The Outsiders Preference

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Your First Christmas Together

Your guys' first Christmas together just so happened to be a white Christmas. You spent the day at his house with him and his brothers, having a snowball fight and cuddling up on the couch. At the end of the night you both had your first kiss under the mistletoe.

For Christmas, you and Johnny weren't planning on doing much. You both spent most of the day curled up in bed watching Christmas movies and drinking hot chocolate. Johnny surprised you though by getting you a your favorite books and sweets as a gift.  

With Dally, it only made sense that you'd go to a Christmas party together. He took you over to one that was down the road and you both danced the night away. You two had a blast together and you never wanted the night to end.

Being the romantic type he is, Soda made a nice candle lit dinner at his house for you. You both got dressed up in fancy clothing and invited his brothers to join you for your guys' fancy dinner. Later, his brothers left you two alone and you both slow danced in his kitchen, with Christmas songs playing softly in the background.

Due to his child like personality, you and Two-Bit wanted to make sure this Christmas was your best yet. The two of you went all out on decorations and sang Christmas songs as much as you could. You both even had a contest to see who could give the most creative present. You won by making candy canes into the shape of Mickey.

Darry was disappointed that the two of you couldn't spend your Christmas alone together, but you didn't mind. You two got to watch his brothers open up gifts while you sat snuggled up next to each other. Later, during the evening, Darry proposed to you by writing "Will you marry me?" in the snow and giving you the ring.

Together, you and Steve drove up to visit your family for Christmas weekend. It was his first time meeting your parents, and you were both nervous. Steve was shaking in fear when he pulled into your driveway, terrified of your parents not liking him. The whole time you were at their house, Steve did his best to make the best impression he could, and it worked! Your parents love and approve of him, and you both spent Christmas at their house getting to know everyone better. 

Did I do good for my first ever preference? I for some reason didn't have many ideas for this one, but it was requested. I hope it turned out well, and feel free to comment more preference requests! Also, sorry if the preferences don't exactly match the character, I'm trying my best...😁😅

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