Chapter 1: Give Me Heaven Give Me Hell

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Crushing on Royalty

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A/N: Just imagine that Megan Fox has green eyes, guys! Also, a bit of editing has to be done on the story, but please don't let that be a downfall for you not to read it. :) Enjoy!


"Whoever the bottle leads to, you have to go with him in the closet and --"

"And what?" I snapped, narrowing my eyes at my best friend, Vivian "Viv" Lennox. She just raised a gold eyebrow at me, unblinking. She was so used to my expressions. Damn, but I really needed to practice in the mirror when I got home.

"You kiss him for seven minutes. Seven minutes. Got it?"

"Might as well be seven hours if I'll soon be trapped in a stupid closet with some random guy," I grumbled to no one in particular, lightly tapping the green bottle's bum in my hand onto the floor.



Viv shrugged. "Anyway," she continued, "it's easy. You just stay in the closet for seven minutes while kissing a guy."

"Oh jeez, Viv, it's not like I haven't heard of Seven Minutes in Heaven before!"

"Then why did you ask?" she demanded, slapping me on the arm.

"I just wanted to make sure. You know that..."

Viv's pretty blue eyes softened. She gave a little smile, giving me a quick hug as she did so. "I know. You've never kissed a guy before."

"I have!" I protested, blushing.

She grinned wolfishly. "To...?"

"Scotty Dressnan," I mumbled, looking away from her. "Fifth grade. Braces. Painful."

Viv laughed so hard, I thought I had to whack her on the back.

Truth be told, that wasn't really a kiss, was it? With Scotty Dressnan, I mean. It was kind of a kiss, yeah -- if you consider sloppy saliva (from Scotty, not me) and braces getting stuck together.

Hey, Scotty, I heard, was a hottie now. Scotty Hottie, as they said. It was hard to tell since he was a total nerd before. Plus, I'd never seen him again; he moved to Virginia by the time seventh grade came.

When we stopped laughing, Viv called out to everyone in the room and ordered them to sit down on the floor with us in a circle. This was Vivian's seventeenth birthday party. Let me just say that she had been playing Seven Minutes in Heaven without actually playing the game. Get it? Yeah.

Also, boys practically fell at her feet. I was always surprised at this because that never happened to me. Not that I was bad-looking or anything...I was just pretty much sarcastic and suspicious all the time. You never know with guys and the way they think.

To give you a better picture of myself, I have light brown hair and dark green eyes with coronas of russet lashes curling on my eyelids. Also, I have this annoying dot on my chin that I'd never be able to erase in a million years. I was also too tall for my seventeen-year-old age.

It was a good thing I wasn't the only one who was tall -- so was Viv, who had the same five-foot ten height like me. I should've had a boyfriend by now, I know. But hey, I hadn't found the right person yet.

"All right, people," Viv announced, taking the bottle from me, "we are going to play Seven Minutes in Heaven. Any complaints?"