8. Every Cloud Has A Zack

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Hiya my lovelies, I'm so sorry that it's been so long since I updated. I've been going through ALOT of personal shit but I'm trying to get my life back on track and it starts with writing again!

I'm happy to let ya all know that all that time I wasn't writing, I was studying and it paid off cus I got into my dream University. I start NEXT September because I'm taking a gap year, working and travelling. So pat me on the back y'all.

Also, check out my new fic 'Flowers on the Floor', it's Ryden/Brallon fic and I'm so excited to start writing it! So go show it some love x

Also, check out my new fic 'Flowers on the Floor', it's Ryden/Brallon fic and I'm so excited to start writing it! So go show it some love x

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"Baby, stop huffing with me, and come out of the bathroom."


"Brendon, you can't stay in there all morning. We've breakfast with Ryan in 10 minutes."Dallon makes a show of looking at his watch, concluding that yes, breakfast with Ryan is in 10 minutes time and it takes a lot longer than 10 minutes to get to the venue.

"I'm not going!"Is the yell that the a Daddy is met with, muffled behind fabric and a closed door.

"Oh for goodness sake."Dallon grumbles under his breath, listening to the grunts and groans of the younger man behind the wooden door that separates the hotel room and the bathroom that Brendon has currently locked himself in, uncooperative and stubborn. There's a crash coming from the bathroom, followed by another grunt and a low mewl and Dallon knows that it's Brendon struggling to get his t-shirt on with the cast being a burden that the hybrid has not skilled yet, yet remains too stubborn and angry to ask for help.

Dallon should've seen it coming. The last couple of days had been total bliss for Dallon and Brendon, with Brendon nestled so deep down into his headspace that he was so compliant and sweet, allowing for Dallon to take on his whole as the doting Daddy whose only role was to keep Brendon happy for those loving, blissful days of their quiet isolation.

It had been a long time since Brendon had fallen into his little headspace, and despite the fact that it came from the unfortunate event of Brendon breaking his arm, Dallon is glad that it came about. There was an unbeknown rift coursing through their relationship over the last couple of weeks, with Dallon so occupied and busy with his new celebrity status and Brendon waiting on the sidelines, but this time spent together in their little world had seemed to repair what cracks had began to rear its ugly, pulsing head.

That was of course until Brendon had woken up the morning of Dallon and Ryan's Alternative Press interview. Dallon had not expected Brendon to remain nestled in his little space for long, especially not this far from home where Brendon could- would remain teetering on the sidelines of headspaces until his heart content, but he hadn't expected him to drop out of it as hard as he had.

It had been as if a switch had been flicked and Dallon had only witnessed it once before, where Brendon could be so content in his little headspace once second and then zap, he was out of it; big, bothered and boisterous. The mood that Dallon had been met with that morning had been one of foul taste, of pouty lips and scowls, of don't touch me's and heavy shrugging shoulders. It hadn't taken Dallon long to conclude where this mood was coming from and really, it was utterly ridiculous if you asked him.

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