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"Put it down, now!"

Brendon blinks slowly, almost teasingly as he tips his head to the side, those familiar brown eyes wide and innocent like, even though Dallon knows very much so that his Brendon, his boyfriend, his baby, is the furtherest thing away from being innocent. It's an act of course, because there's company around and if there's one thing that Brendon loves, it's making a scene for attention.

It's like almost as if on queue, with his eyes blinking at Dallon doe like and then back to the guitar, a Les Paul which is a navy blue in colour and wonderfully beautiful ( as well as wildly expensive, damn! ). Without even thinking, Brendon is letting go of his grip on the guitar, watching as Dallon dives to catch it before speaking, with his voice laced with as much vulnerable innocence as he can muster and a beautiful smile on his lips.

"Well, you did tell me to put it down, Dallon."

Dallon's music career has been picked up for the first time since The Brobecks broke up and the rush is coming back to Dallon like a tidal wave. Music demos, albums, number 1 chart hits, interviews, talk shows and most importantly, a tour across The United States.

It's not as if Brendon can be left at home on his own, and it's not as if Dallon would let him either. So it's no surprise that Brendon is tagging along, with a packed backpack of all his important belongings and excitement bubbling in his stomach for all of the fun he is going to have on his holiday road trip across America.

Oh god, if only it was that easy.

Welcome back! I didn't give you a lot of time to wallow in your sadness about Brendon. being completed ( and hey, there's still Pete. to check out guys! Go do that! ) because the longer I leave this, y'all will forget about me!

I really hope that this is a welcoming welcome to the second book to this wonderful series, which will be circling around Dallon ( and Brendon of course ) and his music career and his complicated relationship with Brendon. I'm so emotionally prepared for this, I have so much planned and I hope you are all ready with tissues!

Warnings; Mentions of past abusive relationships, mentions of past eating disorders, current eating disorders, alcohol abuse ( minor character ), boyxboy material, cg/l and more to be added.

Started: 01-02-18
Finished: on going
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