7. Duckie (And *Not* The 'Pretty In Pink' One)

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Hello my lovelies, look at me with a quick wee update because you all have a spring in your step it seems with commenting and making me feel like I can write again so thank you. This was supposed to be a shorter chapter but the more that I went through the chapter, the more I wanted to write. It's full of little Brendon fluff and a bunch of bonding between the three tour buddies and a bit of plot development bc I'm a star (;

Looks like I've gathered all my commenters back so guess what, a quick update x

Also, you reckon you can get me to 200 comments by chapter 10?

3400+ words of pure fluff (;

"Your Daddy is so annoying, isn't he? He is! Look how annoying he is!"

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"Your Daddy is so annoying, isn't he? He is! Look how annoying he is!"

"I didn't think having you two so close would make me feel so bullied. I don't think I like this dynamic."Dallon narrows his eyes at the two on the bed, waving his finger between Ryan S whose back is up against the headboard of the hotel bed and Brendon, who has himself situated between the mans legs as he giggles at the way his Daddy and Blue Haired Ryan keep arguing over things that when little, he really doesn't understand or care about.

And truth me told, even when Brendon isn't in his little space, he isn't that sure that Dallon and Ryan are talking about half of the time, mostly because Brendon either truly, really doesn't care and hadn't been listening to begin with or the two of them are so hyped up on caffeine that it seems like they're talking a completely different language. Brendon is use to not understanding what is going on around him, and strangely when it involves Dallon and his music, Brendon only wants to know the good things not the bad.

Everything else, however, Brendon absolutely needs to know every single little thing that is going on around him because Brendon hates to be left out of things. Even if the thing that's being talked about is shout the weather, or traffic, or how much everyone hates a certain celebrity that Brendon has ever heard of, he not just wants to know, he has to know. Because Brendon wants to know if it's raining tomorrow and what the traffic is like on the way to Tyler and Joshua's house and he wants to make a face and shake his head at a celebrity for tweeting.

Whatever that is.

"A-annoying."The little inbetween Ryan's legs is copying, bouncing on the bed with energetic excitement as he points with his good hand towards where his Daddy is standing at the end of the bed, finally freshly shaven and looking a lot less frantic and manic that he had moments before Ryan appeared at their hotel room door.

With Ryan around, he became a nice distraction for a lot littler and friendlier Brendon to have, allowing for Dallon to finish off his shave and to clean up what mess that been caused around the hotel room as Ryan talked away to Brendon between bites of his own food and nodding at Brendon's so-called replies between his own pieces of food that Ryan was feeding him. It was nice, nice for Dallon to finish off his own care and nice for Brendon to be so open around Ryan S.

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