2. Open Up For The Airplane!

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It's actually really hard to write the beginning of this fanfic, I'm trying to base the start as smooth sailing before it gets into all of the dilemmas and chaos that will occur. I'm trying to hard for these chapters to come out well but it's so difficult, so bear with me guys!!!

Also I can't keep up with all of the new songs from P!ATD and IDKHOW like my babies are so talented

If anyone has anyone has any prompts, that would be great! Please let me know!

Also, I'm thinking of doing a Character Question and Answer for this fic. Is anyone up for that?

Enjoy (:

"Look, all I'm saying is that Guitars are way better than drums

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"Look, all I'm saying is that Guitars are way better than drums."

They sit in the airport lounge area, with Brendon sulking on his left about the 'dreadfully boring wait' of boarding the plane and Ryan S. grumbling about the airport lounge vending machine not having a better selection of crisps. Ryan had met them at the airport, with open arms and a welcoming smile that had been met with Brendon's scowl and glare as he shuffled into Dallons side, trying to hide himself not only from Ryan but also from the growing amount of people around them.

The grin was slowly wiped from his face, and instead, Ryan had pulled out a bunch of brand new colouring markers and colouring books out of his backpack that he had been waiting to present to the little on the plane..As much as Brendon wasn't nestled inside of his little space, his interest has grown and he'd taken the colourful markers and Disney themed colouring books off of the blue haired man with a shy smile.

Dallon had hoped that getting all three of them through airport security would've been easier than how it actually turned out, with Ryan dropping his boarding pass and passport back at the check-in desk and Brendon near enough having a melt down because he had to take off his shoes, Dallon was suddenly regretting on taking the option to fly instead of travelling by car, even if it did take longer.

Thankfully, it's not something that Dallon is going to have to endure again any time soon, thankful that he opted for a tour bus to take them from show to show, state to state, instead of splashing out on plane rides to and from places. It's not the most glamorous of living conditions but Dallon can remember now much easier that it is to live on the road than constantly packing and unpacking.

"Can we not start this argument? Please?"Dallon has his fingers pinching the bridge of his nose, slumped down into the horribly uncomfortable metal chair. He already had a pulsing headache from stress, he doesn't need Brendon and Ryan chittering on either side of him either.

"He's obviously making false accusations, Dal!"Brendon throws his arms wildly in Ryan's direction, eyes comically wild and mouth agape. It wasn't as if Brendon had been the one to start this petty argument, it had after all been Dallons fault to even think it was a good idea to bring up the reminder of the touring group for the tour. I mean, it's not like they're going on tour or anything. Sheesh.

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