5. Ryan S Is A Wee Babe

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There's some serious controversial stuff happening right now in the Panic! fandom, and extended band, but this is a fan fiction and I want to keep all comments regarding what's happening out of this book, out of this chapter and out of my fucking page. I'm just putting this out now, comments may be deleted if you don't even bother to read my A/N so read it honey

Other than that mess, hi guys, missed you all. It's October, which is so weird because 2018 ends so soon? And I go to Vegas on the 22nd of this month (tomorrow oof) so damn no updates then. But I come hither with an update that is filled with tears and some serious Ryan S and Brendon fluff/bonding because Brendon Urie might be a little shit but he wants some goddamn hugs when he's hurt.

Enjoy and remember to comment the shit out of his chapter!

"You're going to be okay, it's just some bumps and bruises, that's all buddy."

"You're not a Doctor, you don't know that!"Brendon is still half caught between sobs and hiccups, Ryan's heavy coat draped over his shoulders in an attempt to shield him from the rain from the Taxi into the A&E emergency department of the nearest hospital of whatever city and state that they have landed themselves in for the day. The weather is appalling and Brendon would like to say that it reflects his current state of mind very well, which is annoying ironic as it is hilarious and he would appreciate it if he wasn't in so much pain.

The tears are still tripping down his face as he's huddled into Ryan S. side, salty tears dripping off of his chin and dampening the material of Ryan's sweater, half of himself wanting to push away from the man while the other part of him wants to cuddle deeper, more afraid of the other sick individuals in the hospital waiting room than pissed off with Ryan. And pissed off for what, exactly, Brendon doesn't know but he is, for some reason because that's just how Brendon works.

And it also might have something to do with the fact that he is just really missing his Daddy, the pain in his arm triggering all sorts of little emotions and tendencies in his brain that he hasn't accessed in a long time as he sniffles and cries and wipes his tears and snot on Ryan's jumper. Brendon wants his Paci, something he desperately hasn't wanted in a long time, his thumb circling the corners of his mouth for an hour now, and he wants Sinatra too.

But his backpack had been left at the venue, draped with his coat and woolly hat because it's closing into winter now and the weather is getting worse, and it's getting cold and it's hurting his sensitive little kitten ears. Ryan had forgotten to lift it, or maybe he just hadn't heard Brendon through his snottery tears and choked sobs, but he can't blame him that much, not when he's trying his best to be a comfort in a time when he's not the comfort Brendon wants.

"Okay, you're right about that."His bottom lip it caught between his teeth, never the best at consoling people in times of distress, of illness or wallowing sadness. Ryan has always been the friend to console from a distance or not at all, slipping out of the room when there's an announcement of bad news, making sure to not be the one left alone with an individual crying in pain or sadness.

Yet, here he is, caught in such a pickle that he himself has gotten himself in because he could've easily let Dallon cancel the show, postpone it to another date and allow him to take Brendon to the hospital, but he's too much of a good person for that, of course. Because Ryan knows that by cancelling a concert it would physically eat Dallon up inside, and Brendon was in no mood to shift his state of mind on that either, and they couldn't have just not gone to the hospital because as much as Ryan keeps telling Brendon it's just a bump and a bruise, it's far worse than that.

"I wan' my Daddy."Brendon sniffles thickly beside him, half buried, half turned away because he's so conflicted on what to do and the pain in his arm - that's been loosely bandaged to his chest with a scarf and a paper clip - keeps causing him to jerk in pain every so often.

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