6. Baby Brendon do do do do do do

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Also, who would like to see Zack in this fic? (;

Yes lads, I'm going there.

3100+ words

Surprisingly enough, Dallon is the first one awake the next morning, flushed and sweating from the intense heat under the thick Hotel bedcovers and how Brendon is more or less on top of him, regardless of the obstacle of his broken arm, kitten tail swiping under the covers in sleep. He has tucked his face into the crook of Dallons neck, mouth open and wide, pretty pink lips twitching every so often with a tiny jerk of his jaw against the bare flesh of Dallons neck before he settles again.

Dallon knows that even if years pass, he will never get sick of watching Brendon sleep because he is always such a curious being in his sleep and it never fails to have Dallon mesmerised and transfixed on such innocent beauty. It's moments like these, where Dallon can just lay and watch and feel and hear Brendon sleeping beside him, on top of him, pressed close to his back or tucked into his chest; that he loves the most. And he hates to have to leave it.

With as much skill and care as he can muster, Dallon is slowly slipping himself out of the bed, being careful not to rustle to bedsheets or to disturb Brendon in his sleep, careful as he slides away from the little who seems to slightly stir at the movement happening beside him, lips beginning to pout and brow creasing in sleep. Dallon is quick, however, his hand finding the abandoned Pacifier that he'd left out on the bedside table the night before, nudging it between Brendon's pouting lips until the little latches on and settles.

Sometimes, Dallon has to thank his lucky stars that he's always at least one step ahead of himself, especially in terms when it concerns Brendon and his headspace. Last night on their way home from the Hospital, and also from McDonalds, it had been the little signs that had alerted Dallon of the further slip in Brendon's headspace, like how he began tripping over his words or his thumb circled his mouth as they waited in the McDonalds queue or how he had actually begged and nearly cried to be carried.

Which wasn't actually a sign of being rather very little because Brendon was awfully lazy sometimes, but when looked at with the rest of Brendon's actions, it was definitely a sign.

And so, Dallon had set forth to prepare for the upcoming day the evening before, digging out pacifiers that were lodged in their packaging somewhere deep in Brendon's backpack, having Sinatra the Giraffe and Freddie in close range and setting out any other items that may be needed over the course of the next couple of days. He was prepared for Brendon, and now all he needs to do is prepare himself.

The Daddy is just finishing his shower when he hears the sleep laced mewl of Daddy echo from the bedroom and into the bathroom, the door cracked open because Dallon knows how much Brendon hates for the bathroom door to be closed.

"Dadd-ee."Brendon mewls pathetically from the bed, his sleepy brown eyes barely open as he squints around the hotel room in search of his Daddy, very upset that he isn't immediately by his side upon his call for him. The little is about to open his mouth to continue his painfully sounding meals when Dallon is stumbling out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped round his waist and skin glistening with water.

"Morning, Baby."The Daddy is smiling beautifully at his baby who remains on the bed, cocooned in a blanket of clinging sleep. He's sitting on the edge of the rather large bed, smoothing over Brendon's sleep tossed longing dark hair, his kitten ears bouncing as Dallons hand smooths over them and twitching when fingers come to scratch at the base of them.

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