9 - A Velvet Blanket

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I know for certain that microwaveable food was definitely not my thing, but as I didn't like to see food wasted, I ate what I had taken out on my plate. When I had a chance to get back to my bedroom, he had left a reply.

I would like to say that it has been a pleasure to have met you.

I didn't want to read too much into it. He was just being a gentleman, expected from that time period.

I smiled as I went back to the desk. I was writing out a simple 'how to use a walkie-talkie,' manual for Oscar. Writing to him was going to use up all my biros and paper so I was going to run another experiment. I wanted to know if Oscar and I could communicate through the walkie-talkie, so it'll be like a mini telephone. If I pass that stage then maybe, just maybe I will be able to see him properly.

Thankfully the electricity came back so I was able to see what I was writing. I wrote the basics: on/off button, frequency settings, volume and I even sketched a walkie-talkie to label all the parts. It took me two hours to do.

As I folded the finished manual I heard the scraping from the vault. Oscar must have left something for me. I opened the vault to find his familiar parchment and his elegant calligraphy handwriting.

May I ask you something Freya?

Go on.

Who is living in the room next door to our, mine, I mean yours?

My brother Ryder.

After sending that note Oscar replied, along with a familiar item.

What is this strange contraption? Whenever I press the middle button, a demonic voice pours through. Is it singing? Also I have come to the conclusion that the vaults in this household are all enchanted. Your brother Ryder had placed this mechanism into his vault and my little sister Helene found it. I would be grateful if your brother finds anything else that doesn't belong to him, for example toy ponies in return for his missing pair of smelling socks.

I held Ryder's iPod as I sent Oscar a message.

The mechanism that you have seen is a small machine that plays music of my world. I'll let you know more about that later and I'll pass your message on to Ryder. I have a surprise waiting for you. But you'll only get it tomorrow afternoon, so be in the room around about 3 o'clock.

And good night.

Thank you. Should I be scared? But I will only know that by tomorrow.

Good night Freya.

I was just about to shut the vault. Out of nowhere a parcel slammed hard inside the vault and that slightly gave me a heart attack. Then a note came floating down, as light as a feather, upon the parcel.

You must be cold. I hope this helps.

I stuck my head inside, turning to look up. Maybe there was an opening? I slashed the light upwards but it was sealed. I opened the parcel to find a red velvet blanket ready for me to be wrapped in. I smiled as I shut the vault.

And as I lay awake that night, I could feel a cold presence lay beside me to the left. I knew it was Oscar and was I freaked out? Only a little bit, but I was sure that he was feeling freaked out in his world. This was going to take some time to get used to. In a weird way, I liked the fact that he lay beside me and with that notion I fell asleep with the warm blanket around me.


Oscar shivered as he sent Freya his blanket through the vault.

It is a cold night, he thought. She will need it.

He turned around to find his cousin Victor standing beside his bed, his arms crossed around his chest and with a drunken look in his blue eyes.

"What are you doing here?" he asked, watchful of Victor.

"Do I need to have a motive to visit my cousin?" Victor slurred as he slumped to the side of the bed.

Oscar stood in front of him, annoyed. "Yes when it happens to be quarter to midnight. And you are drunk, again."

Victor ran his fingers through his ruffled hair. "And your point is?"

"You ought to be ashamed of yourself Victor. What will your mother say?"

He struggled to stand. "And what does MY mother have to do with MY drunkenness. I chose it. It's my life and I shall do whatever I want."

Oscar grabbed his arm and pulled him to his level. "You are not only disrespecting this household, but you are bringing shame onto yourself. Sort yourself out Victor before it's too late."

"Are you threatening ME cousin?" Victor shrugged Oscar's hold.

"I am telling you what is necessary for you to hear."

Victor scoffed as he glanced at the vault. "You spend too long by your vault cousin. I wonder why? I'm very curious to know."

Oscar gulped. "I ask you kindly to leave my room Victor."

His evil eyes bore into him. "You think you're better than me Oscar. But you've got another thing coming." He pushed past him as he headed for the door. "Sleep with your eyes open cousin because I will find out what you keep so secretive from me."

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