11 - Don't Let Go

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"I find it really strange." I said, standing by the mirror gazing at his initials. "I never thought about what you'd look or even sound like and here we are."

I waited for his response. The sound cackled.

"It's phenomenal, an absolute miracle." He paused. "I wonder what you look like."

I laughed, not in mean way but laughed as I couldn't believe that this was happening. I was tapping into the past. It was only a couple of days ago I was stuck in this large estate, wishing something amazing would happen and here I am talking to some stranger who's diary I happened to read.

"Well I'm not very good at describing myself. But I'll give you something. Stand by our vault."

I shook my head when I said 'our vault' like as if we co-owned it. It seemed so bizarre. I headed towards my bag and took out a passport photo of myself. We all had to get our passports made after the fire situation so whatever I had left I kept with me.

As I placed the photo and shut the door I waited again.

"This is in colour?" he commented. "It's remarkable."

"Well you really should see me in person."

A light bulb clicked into my mind. What if there was a way to see him? Now I was being ridiculous. I mean for all I know I could be talking to a psychopath and he might end up torturing me. Or he could be a guy who wants to have a friend.

Sometimes I felt I had no control on my emotions. This sounded crazy but I was willing to do anything to keep this acquaintance-ship going.

"You know what; I've just had the most amazing idea. What if there was a way for us to meet in person."

"How can that work? It's highly unlikely you could squeeze into the vault."

I began to smirk. He was thinking on the same line as me.

"Hear me out. I think that if we happened to open the vault at the exact same time and one of us had a rope, we could pull either one of us through. Think about it, you're always putting your diary in and I happen to see it. The same thing happened to my pen. So how about it?"

There was pause, a pause like no other and I feared that I might have scared him away with my rash ideas.

"There might be a small chance that this could work," he said, his voice sounding happier. "However there is a small problem. I don't have a rope."

"Oh," I said in disappointment. "How about a handkerchief? Surely you must have that."

"As a matter of fact I have one in my hand."

"Brilliant, that could work. On the count of three we both open the vault at the same time and you wave the hanky. If I see it I'll pull you straight through."

"How will I get back?"

His question hit me in the face and for once I didn't have an answer. But I didn't want to show him that.

"The same way you'll come through. I'll push you out."

I placed my hand on the vault.

"This is the most dangerous task I have ever done," he confessed. "But I'm up for the adventure."

I knew we were both risking our lives into this plan. Would we come out alive? I was sure to find out.

After counting up to three we both opened the vault. I half expected a bolt of energy to surge through me; instead I saw darkness and the base of the vault empty. As my eyes levelled I say a handkerchief an arm's length away from me.

I spoke into the walkie talkie. "I can see your hanky and I'm going to grab it now. Just –"

"Don't let go," he said, finishing my sentence. I couldn't tell if I heard him through the walkie talkie or I felt his words against my face.

Nonetheless, I held onto that handkerchief and pulled with all my strength. Felt like I pulled a wagon of bricks uphill and I'm surprised my arms didn't fall off.

I saw a pale hand and a verdant tailored sleeve come through. He must have kicked from his side, because suddenly he came through so fast he crawled onto the floor and I was thrown back landing on my bum.

His unruly mass of black hair covered the side of his face and as he stood, brushing the dust from his elbows I was stunned by what I had done.

I literally pulled a man from the past into my world.

And now I was dreading it.

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