14 - Harrowing Truth

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"You look like shit," commented Ryder as he peered over his tall glass of orange juice.

"And good morning to you to," I said yawning, sitting opposite him for breakfast. I tightened my long brown cardigan around myself as Dad placed the fried eggs and sausage onto my plate.

"You need your strength today love," dad said.

My eyebrows rose, looking at them both. "Is there something you're not telling me?"

Ryder cleared his throat. "It was my idea. I don't really know what exactly happened between you and William but he's in the main hall."

I pursed my lips, dropping my cutlery on to the plate and folded my arms across my chest.

"Are you blooming mental?"

Dad shrugged his shoulders. "He wants to apologies for happened last night."

Now that I had time to think about what happened at the party, could I really just blame the booze? If this was the only way to get rid of William, I guess breakfast had to wait.

"Looks like I won't have my breakfast in peace," I snapped, leaving my seat and rolling my eyes.

Before they could get a word in I stormed out of the kitchen and in a few moments I saw William's back. He stood by the stairs, one elbow resting at the stair holder and his other arm on his hips, his head slightly drooped.

"Start talking then," I demanded, standing behind him. "I've left my breakfast and I got stuff to do."

William jerked his head around, his slight perturbed face locked onto mine.

"I can't remember what exactly happened last night," he mumbled, his gruff voice sounding not to pleasing to my ears. He clearly hadn't changed his clothes from last night; his scruffy clothes and dishevel hair made him look like a beggar than the son of a rich man.

"You were drunk and you kissed me."

"In front of everyone. Gosh this is embarrassing." He pushed his hair back and then shook his head quickly. "I mean not the kiss, but –"

"Your attempt at making an apology is really appalling."

"My BEHAVIOUR was appalling. You deserve better than someone like me."

I giggled, tilting my head back. "Oh stop sounding as if we were ever dating." I sighed. "Look you were drunk and drunken people are not the most intelligent people. Just don't make the same mistake again."

He relaxed a bit, his corner smile returning. "Let me make it up to you," he asked. "You name it."

For some unknown reason, my thoughts travelled back to when I visited Oscar in his world and his opinions about Victor made me think. I have never come across the Ashford's of Kent on the internet or any history book. If they were rich and famous then what happened to them? And as William eyes intently gazed at me I knew what I had to do.

"Look come and have breakfast with us. You look like shit and you can do something for me."

He walked beside me. "Tell me."

"I need to go to the nearest library."


 "What is going on inside your creative head?"

The drive took twenty minutes in total and we passed through country lanes and funky smelling farm animals just to arrive at the town centre.

I closed his Volvo car door. "What do you mean?"

"You're working on a story right?" he guessed, leading me to the library steps. "You're a self proclaimed writer after all."

"I haven't written anything since – well – I'm digging up information about the estate."

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