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Immortal Revelations by XXrogueXlucyXX
Immortal Revelationsby A.L. Rogue
The Vardock's were defeated leaving many injured and two dead. Now all of Greenburg knows that Isabella is an immortal. And slowly it's spreading like a wildfire and Isa...
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Cameron Monaghan Imagines/Preferences  by FADED_HOPE1
Cameron Monaghan Imagines/ FADED_HOPE1
Just a collection of short stories and preferences, which perhaps you'll like it. I want to warn you, I don't know very well American and English languages. So please...
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Son of Alice: Apocalypse by mickol93
Son of Alice: Apocalypseby mickol93
Here's the sequel of my story, Naruto, son of Alice. After surviving and escaping the hive, Naruto was separated from his mother, Matt and Rain. He wakes up in a hospita...
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Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles by jsinner
Resident Evil: The Darkside jsinner
The year is 2002. US government agents Leon S. Kennedy and Jack Krauser are sent to South America to investigate the disappearance of young girls and rumours of a myster...
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Her Sojourn (SARAWARDS2019) by eyjilchan
Her Sojourn (SARAWARDS2019)by raegil
She's been living in her comfort place, in her dark and lonesome place where she wouldn't interact with everyone but, all of it changed when her parents decided about he...
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The Prince's Surprise by Autobots3Gestalts
The Prince's Surpriseby AerialProtectoTechno
Mamoru Lamperouge is the unknown son of Lelouch vi Britannia and prince of the nation Britannia. So why doesn't he know about it? Why, for all the time he's been alive...
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Meant To Be #Wattys2015 by isabella_linner
Meant To Be #Wattys2015by Anna S
What happens when your father is a famous Hollywood director and no one knows about it? And two step sisters bought together by unfortunate circumstances... Not to menti...
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Sin ☆ Vampire Academy by angelicstrawberry
Sin ☆ Vampire Academyby angelicstrawberry
Kai Zeklos. A Moroi, a royal, an outsider. When his older brother became Strigoi by killing his parents his family disowned him, he was left to be brought up by the Acad...
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Ashford history by IMYOURS061
Ashford historyby Miss pot
Kasaysayan ng mga Ashford
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Obsesión by itzelblackff
Obsesiónby itzelblackff
Barbrey Ryswell tiene demasiado orgullo como para pensar en seguir siendo amante de Brandon Stark, tras enterarse de su compromiso con Catelyn Tully desesperada por huir...
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More Than Meets The Eye (SuzaLuLu) by NightcoreFairy
More Than Meets The Eye (SuzaLuLu)by ✨
Countless times Suzaku tried to confess his feelings to Lelouch and they all went to hell. He tries one last time, but no one said that he couldn't change the rules. (or...
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Holly by Monkey_Chick
Hollyby Elizabeth
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