10 - Surreal Conversations

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The next day I awoke to a bright, crisp but cold Saturday morning. I shivered and curled up in a ball when I felt Oscar's blanket around me. I rubbed my eyes and in an instant I was drawn towards the vault, just to check if he left me anything.

There was a note.

Good morning. I hope my blanket kept you warm. I will wait for your reply at 10 o'clock.

I checked my watch, 09:16. I had enough time. I quickly scrawled a response.

Thanks for the blanket. It kept me warm. I'll be here. See you later.

After I sent the note I took Ryder's iPod and placed it on his bed. I then hurried downstairs and got to the kitchen.

"Morning love," Dad greeted as he poured himself a cup of tea. "Toast and scrambled eggs are by the stove."

I was about to get it but Ryder took me by surprise. He stood up, got my breakfast for me and even poured me a cup of tea.

"Two sugars?" he asked.

I nodded. "Yeah."

Ryder pushed the plate and mug towards me.

"Oh I get it," I began, winking at him. "What do you want from me then?"

He looked above his glass of water. "Me? What could I –"

"You're only THIS nice when you want something."

Dad chuckled. "So what it is son?"

Ryder rolled his eyes. "I just felt like that I should do something for you. I mean ever since we've moved to this place I haven't been helping out and I've been moody."

Dad looked impressed. "Blimey. What's bought this on?"

"I don't know really." His gaze wondered around the kitchen. "Maybe it's the change. You know, new place, a fresh start I guess. I wanna make an effort."

I looked sceptical at him. Seriously this wasn't typical Ryder behaviour. However I played along; it was a blessing when he wasn't being a typical moody teenager.

Dad munched on his toast. "Well I hope that you stick with the new you. It suits you."

I laughed. "No seriously, what did you have this morning?"

Ryder shook his head, smiling as he stirred the Coco Pops in his bowl.

Dad glanced at his watch. "Blimey is that the time?" He stood, placing his cutlery in the sink. Ryder did the same.

'Am I missing something?' I asked.

Dad scratched his forehead, remembering what he wanted to say. "I'm off to B&Q to get some wood for the door frames.

"And I'm the muscles."

"More like the donkey to carry the load."

Ryder faked a 'ha' as Dad checked his pockets for his phone, wallet and keys.

"Right we'll be back around by lunchtime and we'll have Chinese." Dad passed me an A5 notebook and a pencil. "I've made a list of things each room will need. Could you just double check? You know me, I always miss out something."

I sighed, looking at the first page just dedicated to the kitchen. Judging by a dozen pages, we had a great deal to sort out; structural changes to some room, an overall cosmetic change thought the estate and a lot of cleaning. I felt sick looking at the list.

"Sure dad, no problem."

Dad smiled. "I don't mean to leave you behind, especially in a big place like this. So I've decided to invite William to keep you company."

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