6 - Letter's I.M

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My eyes were going to pop out from its socket. Half of my theory was correct; this vault was magical.

I flipped through the diary to the last entry.

I stood beside my grandfather's grave in our family cemetery, grieving for my loss as he was so dear to me. Lost within my thoughts I saw a spark of bewitching magic. There, beside me in the snow I saw a fresh pair of foot prints that did not belong to me. Whenever I moved my step, the invisible foot steps followed shortly after. Then without warning it took flight and ran away. I ran after this invisible being, demanding as to what enchantment it is. Whatever it was, my dearest reader, it seems to know me and my home because it burst through the gates and headed towards the mansion.

I shortly followed afterwards and as I write in my diary I am ever so cautious of my future movements.

A light bulb clicked inside my mind. I turned to the beginning of that entry and I feared the date. 2nd December 1859. And in my time the year is 2nd December 2009.

This confirmed what I was thinking. We were living in different time zones, but somehow we're able to connect through a vault. But that only happens in the world of films and books, not in reality!

I took in a deep breath, calming myself, and then I scribbled down first thing that I could think of.

Hey, I'm guessing this is Oscar, right? Anyway, well, this is going to sound really bizarre. But yeah we're living in a parallel universe. You're currently living in the year 1859 and well I'm in the year 2009. Weird right? And somehow... maybe by a miracle, we're able to communicate through this vault. And I know your thinking that I'm sounding like a crazy person, but I'm sure if your I'm my shoes, you'll understand what I'm going through.

Oh and about the whole footprints in the snow thing? Yeah that was me in the cemetery, but I saw [I'm guessing] your footprints chasing me out of the cemetery. So in summery our time zones do clash with one another but we appear invisible to each other.

P. S. I would like my black pen back.

In return for the bargain I gave him his diary back. Shortly afterwards he followed a reply, along with my pen.

To whomever it my concern

Yes I am Oscar Logan Ashford and thank you for giving back my diary. At first when I read your note, I did not fully comprehend your theory; firstly your writing style slightly differs from mine and secondly in reality two parallel universes colliding is absurd. However I re-read your note and I am beginning to get the idea. Nonetheless I do not understand how it can be so. How is it possible that your year and my year can be so close together and how can my vault be able to communicate through the ages of time?

Who are you? I would like to refer to you by your name, not 'to whomever'. I do apologies for chasing you away. If you don't mind me asking but why were you in my family cemetery?

After reading this I knew that Oscar was real and the letters that I was receiving was real proof. These were the series of letters we sent each other. It was as if he and I were having an MSN conversation, not electronically but through the old fashion way.

Dear Oscar.

Well my name is Freya Telford. I'm not a scientist so I can't really answer your troubling questions because I can't answer them myself. But by giving you some sort of answer I am keeping myself and you at ease.

Oh there's no need to apologies for chasing me away. If I was in your shoes then I would probably used a weapon to chase you away.

The thing is [and don't be upset or startled] but in my year 2009, my father has inherited this mansion from my deceased uncle. My brother, father and I have moved in. The mansion has been abandoned for some time [and before you ask I don't know why]. I'm alone right now and I was wandering around and came across a cemetery in the garden so I was curious to see what it was like.

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